Lipp, Frederick J. (1916-1995)
The Frederick J. Lipp collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, research material, and journals.

Manuscripts in the Lipp collection include book-length works, short stories, radio plays, teleplays, stage plays, screenplays, non-fiction, and other items.

Manuscripts for book-length works by Lipp include his novel Rulers of Darkness (World Publishing, 1966); the young-adult novel Some Lose Their Way (Atheneum, 1980); the novel Invincible Summer (unpublished); the juvenile work The Wonderful, Wonderful Bird (unpublished);Mountains of the Mind (unpublished); and the novel The Sea and the Shell (unpublished, written during the 1970s and 1980s).

Short stories in the collection include “American Journey,” composed of excerpts from an early, unpublished novel; and several other works.

Radio plays in the collection consist of twelve short works, dated approximately between 1947 and 1959.

Teleplays in the collection include Lipp’s scripts for “The Collar,” starring David Niven, for Four Star Playhouse (1955); “The Last Room,” for The David Niven Show (1959); and several other which may or may not have been produced.

Stage plays in the collection include a stage version of Interlude (later made into a screenplay and produced as a film in 1989), as well as three other works.

Screenplays in the collection include several short scripts, possibly written for the U.S. Navy during the occupation of Japan.  Also included is a script titled Yet Shall They Live, dated 1960.

Non-fiction in the collection consists of several short pieces on Japan written for the U.S. Navy during its occupation of Japan in 1945.

Other manuscripts by Lipp include a poem, his Master’s thesis, notes describing his papers, and other miscellaneous items.
Correspondence in the collection includes professional letters from William J. Murphy, Continuity Editor of the National Broadcasting Company (NBC).  There are seventeen letters dating from 1942 to 1943.  There are also some letters regarding Trinity Cathedral, an Episcopal church in Cleveland, Ohio.

Printed material in the collection consists of several short pieces from the 1940s and later, published in various periodicals, including The Christian Advocate and The Explorer.  Also present are some photocopied clippings regarding Japan.

Research material in the collection primarily consists of items regarding the medieval poet Thomas Hoccleve, whose biography Lipp had intended to write but never finished.  There is some additional miscellaneous material present as well.

Journals in the collection consist of three items labeled “Rubble Point Journals.”  These probably pertain to an article by Lipp, “The Pilgrims of Rubble Point,” published in The Explorer magazine.
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