Loth, David (1899-1988)
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The David Loth collection includes manuscripts, research materials, correspondence, and printed materials. 

Manuscripts include drafts of books and one article by Loth. Books include The Erotic in Literature (1961); The City within a City (1966); Crime in the Suburbs (1967); The Taming of Technology (1972); and Exposing the Exposers (an abandoned project), among others. The article is titled "Science and Law" for Encyclopedia Britannica and was co-authored by Morris L. Ernst.

The majority of the collection’s research materials regard Loth’s Crime in the Suburbs, and includes notes on crime in various U.S. cities such as Chicago, Denver, Miami, and Los Angeles. Notebooks contain interviews with members of the National Council of Crime.

The collection’s correspondence dates from approximately 1940 to 1967, and regards Loth’s works and his research for Crime in the Suburbs. Notables include Dwight D. Eisenhower, J. Edgar Hoover, Nelson A. Rockefeller, as well as many state representatives and congress persons regarding Loth’s research on crime.

Printed materials mostly include various newspaper clippings, booklets, and reports regarding his research on crime. Includes articles by Loth such as "A Man Who Can Handle Kids;" "Hamilton’s Other Duel" (1954); "The Atomic-Age Crime Lab" (1965); as well as "Dope Invades the Suburbs" by Robert P. Goldman (1964); and "Young People Can Help Defeat Communism" by J. Edgar Hoover (1962). Also includes biographical data and articles on Loth dating from approximately 1941 to 1965.
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1. Loth, David, 1899-1988
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