Lowry, Robert (1919-1994)
NOTE: All or part of this collection is stored off-site. Several days' advance notice is required for retrieval.

The Robert Lowry collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, artwork, memorabilia, notebooks, photographs, and financial materials.

The collection’s manuscripts include drafts of novels including Defense in University City (1939); Trip to the Bloomin Moon (1939); Happy New Year, Kamerades! (1954); New York Call Girl (1958); That Kind of Woman (1959); Party of Dreamers (1962); Little Children; and more. Drafts of short stories include "Broke;" "Little Bell;" "The Sandwich Boy;" "The Little Yellow Door;" among others. This series also includes book reviews by Lowry from 1964.

Printed materials include a 1937 petition to the University of Cincinnati to establish a literary magazine which resulted in the founding of Little Man; several issues of Little Man, Western World, The Genius, and other publications; short stories such as "Artie Bell," "The Guy’s from Ray’s Place," and "The Glad Rags;" Lowry’s novel The Wolf that Fed Us (1949); as well as various reviews and publicity materials.

Collected correspondence ranges from approximately 1934 to 1968. Content regards literary agents, publishers, editors, and Lowry’s first and second wives.

Artwork includes pen and ink sketches, brush and ink sketches, drawings, and watercolor paintings by Lowry dating from approximately 1962 to 1965.

Other items include notebooks regarding high school, college, veteran’s pension, and more; memorabilia such as writing cases used in World War II; various black and white photographs; and some financial records.
Notable Figures
1. Lowry, Robert, 1919-1994
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