Lucci, Alda Rangoni
The Alda Rangoni Lucci collection includes one manuscript, correspondence, printed materials, personal memorabilia, financial materials, and photographs.

Manuscripts include the English translation of Female Criticism and Monasticism in Italy from the Origins of the Lombard Age (Fourth to Eighth Centuries) with corrections by Professor Gabriella Zarri (1994).

Collected correspondence is between Lucci, her husband, children, parents, siblings, and friends. Letters and telegrams are mostly written in Italian and date from approximately 1901 to 1940.

Printed materials include an article titled "Commercio Per Corrispondenza" (1921); a pamphlet in English titled "The Key of Happiness by a Great Lover of Youth" (1933); various newspaper clippings from the 1940s; Italian socialist propaganda; programs for various Whitehall Theater productions; and more.

Personal memorabilia include mementos from hotels around the world; a prayer calendar (1919); red uniform patches for socialist Italy; Lucci’s identification card as a member of the Italian Socialist Party (1924); and more.

Other materials include bank statements, tax returns, and financial logs, as well as black and white photographs of Lucci and family.
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1. Lucci, Alda Rangoni
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