Lutyens, Mary (1908-1999)
The Mary Lutyens collections includes manuscripts, research materials, correspondence, personal memorabilia, notebooks, photographs, and printed material.

Collected manuscripts include works by Lutyens such as "Foggy;" "The Heart of the Dead;" "Dangerous Magic;" "Aspects of Loving;" and "A Child of Love." Includes drafts of various short stories, a script for a play based on various short stories from different authors, and an unfinished autobiography by Lutyens.

Research materials include notes by Lutyen in French, photocopied newspaper clippings, and various newspaper clippings regarding a book on Krishnamurti.

Correspondence includes both personal and professional letters dating from approximately 1927 to 1989.

Personal memorabilia includes playing cards, Lutyen’s passport issued 1924, and three art pieces by Edion.

Other items include black and white prints of various people; a copy of London Times (1908); and several notebooks, one of which is comprised of poems by Lutyen.
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1. Lutyens, Mary, 1908-1999
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