Lynd, Robert (1879-1949) and Sylvia (1888-1952)

The papers of Sylvia Lynd are part of the Robert and Sylvia Lynd collection.

The Robert and Sylvia Lynd collection consists of correspondence, manuscripts, printed material, and photographs.

Correspondence makes up the bulk of the collection. The letters are arranged alphabetically by correspondent, with some letters bearing notes of identification by Marie Gaster (daughter of the Lynds). Notable correspondents include Stephen Adcock, Enid Bagnold, Max and Florence Beerbohm, Arnold Bennett, Geraldine Carr, Winston Churchill, Padraic Colum, Gordon Craig, E. M. Forster, Robert Graves, Thomas Hardy, Frances Hodgkins, Tom Kettle, Henry W. Nevinson, Paddy O’Hegarty, J. B. Priestley, George Bernard Shaw, H. M. Tomlinson, Alice Warrender, H. G. Wells, Rebecca West, Leonard Woolf, and William Butler Yeats. Other letters present are Robert and Sylvia’s letters to each other and their family, including letters from the Dryhursts (parents of Sylvia Lynd).

Manuscripts in the collection are Robert Lynd’s The Modern Irish Literary Revival ; an unpublished fragment by Sylvia Lynd titled “Slices of Autobiography”; and “Sylvia,” a poem of uncertain authorship (possibly Max Beerbohm or Humbert Wolfe).

Printed material in the collection consists of a review of Sylvia Lynd’s The Mulberry Bush(1925); a caricature of Robert Lynd by David Low (1926); printed poems by Sylvia Lynd (photocopies); references to Robert Lynd and his family (photocopies); and two fliers regarding divorce law reform.

Photographs in the collection consist of two items: an image of the Lynds with their two daughters, and an image of Grattan’s Parliament showing John Egan, M.P., the great-grand uncle of Sylvia Lynd.

Notable Figures
1. Lynd, Robert, 1879-1949
2. Lynd, Robert, 1879-1949
3. Lynd, Sylvia
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