Maling, Arthur (1923-2013)
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The Arthur Maling collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, research materials, professional materials, photographs, and notebooks.

Manuscripts include drafts and typescripts of Maling's works, as well as reviews he wrote. Novels by Maling (all published by Harper and Row) are Decoy (1969); Go-Between (1970); Loophole (1971); The Snowman (1973); Dingdong (1974); Bent Man; Ripoff (1976); Schroeder's Game (1977); The Koberg Link (1979); Lucky Devil (1978); The Rheingold Route (1979); From Thunder Bay (1981); A Taste of Treason (1983); and Lover and Thief (1988). The original typescripts; page proofs; several drafts with editor's notes and corrections; and final copies are available.  Also present are drafts of short stories (1976-1977) and fragments of unpublished works; a review written by Maling entitled "Agatha Christie, First Lady of Crime" from The Chicago Tribune's Book World dated May 1977; an alternate ending for Lucky Devil that was not used in the final draft; outlines for several novels; and undated notebooks of short stories.

Correspondence consists of letters to and from Maling's publishers, dated 1980-1999, and a file titled "Gertz Correspondence" dated 1979-1980.

Printed materials include all of Maling's published works as well as articles and book reviews (1977-1987) and newspaper and magazine articles bbout Maling (1975-1988).

Personal memorabilia includes Maling's transcripts from Harvard and programs from Roosevelt (1975).

Research materials are split into two categories, "Characters" (1975-1985) and "Plots and Situations" (1971-1987). Within each category are extensive articles and books that Maling used to shape his plots and characters. Much of the "Plots and Situations" research is on embezzlement, fraud, smuggling, the CIA, spies, corporate takeovers, and weapons; which helped serve as the basis for Maling's mystery and crime novels.

Professional material includes Maling's membership in the Author's Guild (1977-1983), his Edgar Allen Poe Award (1980-1981), his Mystery Writers of America and 2nd International Congress of Crime Writers memberships from 1945-2002, and talks, lectures, and notes for courses dated 1973-1988.

Photographs include various images of Maling (1960-1975) including a photograph taken with John F. Kennedy in December 1960; head shots; and photos of a cruise.

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