Maloff, Saul (1922-2001)
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The Saul Maloff collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials and miscellaneous materials. Much of the collection is related to Saul Maloff’s work as a literary critic and book reviewer.

Manuscripts include novels, short stories, articles, reviews, and a Ph.D. dissertation.

Novels include drafts and typescripts (with notes) of Happy Families (originally titled Slouching Towards Bethlehem; 1968), Heartland (1974), The Gravedigger (1976), Branchwater; Conditions of Love; Endings; House; Looking for Marianne: A Memoir; My Secret Life: An Open Letter to J. Edgar Hoover; and The 13th Hole.  Manuscripts by Maloff’s wife Dorothy Parker are also included in the collection.

Short stories in the collection include "Age of Discretion"; "Birthday Party"; "Blood"; "The Bypassed Heart"; "Children’s Games"; "Coming Out"; "Death Watch"; "Deerslayer"; "Eye for an Eye"; "Forms of Pain";  "Generations of Man"; "Krystallnacht";"Like Laughing, Expressive"; "The Price of a Caribou"; "Visitation"; and "The Writer of the Academy", among others.

Articles include "The Good Germans Don’t Walk Out" (The Village Voice, 1967); "Jorge Luis Borges: Some Versions of Nightmare" (Holiday, 1965), "The Limits of Sound" (Northwest Review, 1966-1967), "A Climate for Art on an Island" (Saturday Review, 1961) and an article on the decline of the short story (Critique, 1963).

Book reviews and literary criticism written by Maloff include reviews of The Bell Jar and Letters Home by Sylvia Plath; My Life as a Man by Philip Roth;  Dostoevsky: Reminiscence by Ann Dostoevsky; Lady Ottoline Morrell: A Study in Friendship by Rubert Cathorne-Hardy; On Ice by Jack Gelber; Report on Bruno; The Town Beyond the Wall, by Elie Wiesel; Ernest Hemmingway:  A Life Story by Carlos Baker; How We Live: Life in Contemporary Fiction; Mystery and Manners by Flannery O’Connor; and Run Come See Jerusalem by David Coxhead, among many others. Also included are Maloff’s theatre reviews of The Last of the Red Hot Lovers (1970) and Minnie’s Boys (1970).

Correspondence includes many letters to publishers, rejection letters, and correspondence with other writers. Over 80 letters to editors and publishers dated 1960-1983 are included in the collection. Rejection letters for Dirty Secrets, Gravedigger, and Conditions of Love are also included. Correspondents include Ann Berstein, Stanley Burshaw, Kurt Vonnegut, Claud Cockburn, Mark Van Doren, and Alexis Fitzgeral.

Printed materials of Maloff’s include copies of Publisher’s Weekly (dated 1982-1986); copies of book reviews dated 1960-1964; British reviews of his works Happy Families and Heartland; copies of Commonweal (1988-1990); and copies of Newsweek and various other newsletter clippings dated from the 1960s to 1980s; a menu for the Phillipe Garden Restaurant; and copies of the literary journals Critique (spring 1963) and Texas Quarterly (winter 1968).

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