Mann, Jessica (1937-2018)
The Jessica Mann collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, professional materials, research materials, legal materials, photographs, and diaries and journals.

Mann's mystery and crime novels are the main focus of the collection. Drafts and complete versions of The Captive Audience (1976-1977); A Charitable End; The Eighth Deadly Sin; Faith, Hope, and Homicide; Funeral Sites; Grave Goods (1984); Hanging Fire (1997); A Kind of Healthy Grave (1986); Mrs. Knox's Profession (1972); No Man's Island (1983); The Only Security (1983); Planning for Death (1976-1977); A Private Inquiry (1996); The Sticking Place (1974); The Sting of Death (1978); The Survivor's Revenge; Telling Only Lies (1992); Under a Dark Sun; The Voice from the Grave; Dead Woman Walking; Out of Harm's Way; and The Mystery Writer are present. Various files and notes of the author's work on the above novels are also included.

Correspondence includes cards and letters dated 1986-1996, professional correspondence with publishers (1970-1994), editor revisions, and more.

Printed material includes proofs of Under a Dark Sun, The Survivor's Revenge, A Kind of Healthy Grave, No Man's Island, Hanging Fire, and Grave Goods. Other printed material includes copies of magazines and several newspaper and magazine clippings; a book jacket for Hanging Fire; pamphlets; and an exhibition program for To The Lighthouse (1978).

Research materials include notes, notebooks and printed materials, reviews and post publication letters (1980-1993), material regarding Out of Harm's Way (2001-2003), and interview transcripts.

Other items include legal material; passports; two prints of photographs circa 1917 titled "News from the Front" by Stanhope Forbes; Mann's address book (1972-1976) and date books (1955-1992).
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