Marek, George (1902-1987)
The George Marek collection contains material related to his work writing biographies on famous composers. It includes manuscripts; correspondence; printed material; research material; and photographs.

Manuscripts by Marek in the collection include biographies, articles, and notes.  Drafts of Marek’s books include Richard Strauss: The Life of a Non-Hero (Simon and Schuster, 1967); Beethoven: Biography of a Genius (Funk and Wagnalls, 1969); Gentle Genius: The Story of Felix Mendelssohn (Funk and Wagnalls, 1972); Toscanini (Antheneum, 1975); and Chopin (Harper and Row, 1978).   Extensive background material that Marek used in writing each of the books, as well as several drafts, individual chapters, and notes on each book, are included.  Also present is a draft of Marek's article "The Dusk of Richard Strauss"; and typed copy of Beethoven’s Beloved by Dana Steichen (1959) that Marek used as background material for his biography of Beethoven.

Correspondence in the collection includes several letters related to Marek's work on Richard Strauss (1963-1967); a group of photocopies of letters from Richard Strauss to various individuals; correspondence regarding Marek’s book Gentle Genius (1969-1972); photocopies of letters between Toscanini and David Sarnoff (1941) ; photocopies of correspondence between David Sarnoff and Samuel Chotzinoff (1937); photocopies of correspondence between Albert Einstein and Toscanini (1936); many other articles of correspondence and copies of correspondence that Marek used as research for his books.

Printed material in the collection largely consists of research material, and include two book reviews of Chopin by Bernard Gavoty; concert programs (1977); pieces written about the Chopin-Delfina letters (1961-1975); and a book review of Beethoven (1977).

Research material on Strauss includes interviews; notes;  photographs of Strauss; and magazines, newspapers and copied clippings. Research material on Beethoven includes miscellaneous notes; correspondence; conversation books; illustrations of Vienna; a police list of persons arriving in Karlsbad (1812); a list of guests from a health-spa in Karlsbad (1812); an 1812 copy of Prager Oberpostamts-Zeitung; and several letters. Research material on Chopin includes photocopies of letters from Chopin to friends; one original letter written by Chopin himself; research done by Bernard Willerval; photocopies of journals and newspapers that mention Chopin by his contemporaries; and the Delfina-Potocka letters.

Photographs include images of various paintings, illustrations, and busts of the subjects of Marek’s biographies.
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1. Marek, George R. (George Richard), 1902-1987
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