Martin, Ralph G. (1920-2013)
The Ralph G. Martin collection contains manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed material, financial material, legal material, research material, audio material, and photographs.

Manuscripts by Martin in the collection includes book, plays, short works of fiction, articles, notes, and miscellaneous drafts. Book manuscripts include drafts as well as research material and relevant correspondence . Titles include Ballots and Bandwagons (Rand McNally, 1964); The Bosses (G.P. Putnam, 1964); Eleanor Roosevelt: Her Life in Pictures (Duell, Sloan and Pearce, 1958); The Human Side of F.D.R. (Duell, Sloan, and Pearce, 1960); Jennie: The Romantic Years (Prentice-Hall 1969); Jennie: The Dramatic Years (Prentice-Hall, 1971); Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts (Prentice-Hall 1971); Man of Destiny: De Gaulle of France (Duell, Sloan and Pearce 1961); The Wizard of Wall Street (William Morrow,1965); World War II: A Photographic Record of the War in Europe (Gold Medal Books, 1962); Henry and Clare; Cissy: The Extraordinary Life of Eleanor Medill; and Seeds of Destruction, among many others. Play manuscripts in the collection include After They've Seen Paree; Call Me Charley (also called Call Me Bertie); The Jail That Became a Town; Jennie; Last of the Buffalo; Love and Laughter; Money, Money, Money; War is a Four Letter Word;  and Where is Howe? Also included is the teleplay Fall of an Empire and the screenplay Light up the Dark. In addition, the collection includes over one hundred of Martin's notebooks from the 1940s and 1950s.

The political magazine Bandwagon, which was founded by Martin, takes up a large part of the collection. Included is material regarding civil rights, reprints of broadcasts, a list of contributors and supporters, notebooks, promotions, cartoons and illustrations, and ideas for stories.

Articles in the collection are extensive, including over 120 by Martin and over 200 altogether.  Articles by Martin include "Activation Story"; "The Army's Own"; "Bananas"; "Black Mayor of St. Louis"; "Clinic in Harlem"; "Detroit Letter"; "Eleanor Roosevelt"; "GI Congressman"; " I Rediscovered America"; "The Man Who Ran to God"; "Mental Health"; "New Foods"; "Public Defender"; "So You Want to be A Diplomat"; "Teacher"; "Washington: Politics and Punch"; and "Your Food Future" and many more. Other articles included are "Things a Columnist Might Never Know…" by Hal Boyle; "White House Funny Man" by Harry S. Beecher; "What's Behind the Power Fight" by Senator Richard L. Neuberger; "Political Outlook" by Barry McCaffrey; "Paradox in the Presidential Campaign"; "What's Happening to the Democratic Party in New York?", "The World Around Me" by James T. Farrell; "Trend in Political Humor On Television" by David Bennett; "Why Her Vote Belongs to Daddy" by Marion K. Sanders; and many others.

Short Fiction includes the stories "Once Upon A Springtime"; "Where is Home?"; "Give My Regards"; and others; most are undated and some are untitled.

Miscellaneous manuscripts in the collection include "Nikita Krushchev: The Red Riddle"; "Nikolai Lenin"; "Adlai E. Stevenson", an outline of "American Expatriates in Paris"; outlines for book ideas including "Dangers in Food and Drugs"; "Fluoridation: What's the Rush"; and "American Forests" among others. Martin also collected several manuscripts from other writers. Many of the notes in the collection were written by Martin onto index cards; these number in the hundreds.

Correspondence includes numerous items of professional correspondence dated 1944-1978; and many cards, invitations, postcards, and letters. Notable correspondents include Ed Plaut; Martin Gilbert; Phillip Magnus-Allcroft; Kenneth Parker; Diana Cooper; Robert S. Grosvenor, Duke of Westminster; Henry F. Thynee, Marquess of Bath; David Heneker; Hal Wallis; Stuart Chase; William Gibson; Lawrence Lee; Ann Landers; Joe McCarthy; John D. Weavers; George Baker; J. Edward Day; Frank Lloyd Wright; Adlai E. Stevenson; and many others. These letters date from the 1960s and 1970s. This correspondence relating to research on Martin's books includes letters regarding Ballots and Bandwagons, Jennie: The Dramatic Years, and The Three Lives of Helen Keller; the latter letters Include a printed card from Helen Keller and Polly Thompson to Kathleen Marie Lindsay, dated 1936.  Other correspondence includes letters from Martin to various publishers, illustrators, journalists, and authors, including William Benton, Barry Bingham, David Dempsey, Paul S. Green, Gerald W. Johnson, Colbert A. McKnight, Richard L. Neuberger, Marion K. Sanders, Gore Vidal, John D. Weaver, Wilson W. Wyatt, John D. Rockefeller, and many others, dating from the 1940s to the 2000s.

Personal memorabilia includes records of Martin's travels; ID papers, driver's licenses for Martin and his wife; letters about his European trip (1948-1949) and Japanese trip (1974); tour guides, maps, tickets, and souvenirs from Martin's travels; passports, shoulder patches for army units; datebooks for 1948, 1969, 1970, and 1972; Martin's military travel orders; tickets for the Democratic Conventions of 1956 and 1968; a ticket for the inaugural concert of 1965;  a ladies garter used as part of a promotion for Jennie; and other items.

Printed material includes magazine excerpts; programs, photos and tickets from the 1965 Presidential Inauguration; book reviews by Martin; reviews and publicity material for Eleanor Roosevelt: Her Life in Pictures; speeches Martin collected from various politicians; numerous articles regarding Eleanor Medill Peterson; photocopies of book excerpts; maps; business cards; and other material.  Also present are articles from magazines collected by Martin. The articles are dated between the 1940s and 1970s. Some titles the articles were taken from include the Chicago Sun Times, Cosmopolitan, Everybody's Digest, Family Weekly, Ladies' Home Journal, Look, The New Republic, The New York Times, Newsweek, and others. Articles are mostly social and political commentary, often related to war and to women's rights.  Many of the articles were written by Martin himself.

Research material in the collection includes extensive notes, interviews, and portfolios Martin used for his research. Aside from research on the individual books mentioned above, Martin did extensive research on aging, ornithology, folklore, Margaret Fuller, Franklin D. Roosevelt,  heart disease, television education, solar energy, women in politics, World War II, sex therapy, the atomic bomb, the Vietnam war, deafness, food and drugs, and many other varied topics.

Financial material includes tax records, royalty statements, house and property bills, banking statements, medical bills, and general bills. They are ordered chronologically and date from 1946 to 1975.

Legal material includes the publishing contracts for almost all of Martin's books; passports; insurance cards and policies; wills; and court dispositions.

Audio material includes tape recordings of an FDR program; an interview regarding Ballots and Bandwagons; over 30 recorded interviews with Martin; a recording of Jennie for the blind; an interview with Katherine Hepburn; and several unidentified reels and cassette tapes. Also included are phonographs of an acceptance speech by Adlai Stevenson, a title called "Jenny: Lady Randolph Churchill", and a title called "Stevenson Bandwagon Album" (1952).

Photographs are also abundant in the collection. They include many photos of Martin, his family, publicity photos, snapshots, and two World War II group photos; and are dated from the 1940s to the 1970s. Photographs of U.S. presidential campaigns dated 1900-1956 have also been collected, with captions, for The American Bandwagon. Miscellaneous photographs of notable 20th century people and events, as well as photographs and illustrations for Martin's books, have also been collected, including several photographs used to produce illustrations for Cissy.
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