Mason, F. van Wyck (1897-1978)
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The Francis Van Wyck Mason collection largely contains manuscripts of the author’s work. The collection also includes some correspondence and research material.

Manuscripts include novels and short stories.  Some drafts include notes and research material.  Novels include The Battle of Lake Erie (1960); The Battle for New Orleans (1962); Men at Arms (published as American Men at War) (Little Brown, 1964); The Battle for Quebec (1965); Maraciabo Mission (1965); Wild Horizon (Boston, Little Brown, 1966); The Deathly Orbit Mission (Doubleday, 1968); Harpoon in Eden (Doubleday,1969); Brimstone Club (Boston, Little Brown, 1971); Trumpets Sound No More (Little Brown, 1975); The Armored Giants (drafts of individual chapters); Guns for Rebellion (Doubleday, 1977); Log Cabin Noble; The Maryland Colony (Macmillan, 1969); Rascal’s Heaven (Doubleday, 1964); Roads to Liberty; and Ten Minutes that Shaped America (The Siege of Quebec). Several manuscripts, by other authors, that Mason had collected are also included.  Some notes for short stories are present.  Works of short fiction include “Count Dracula’s Muzzle-Loader”, “The Greek God Intrigue”, “The Jester’s Duel”, “The Living Juggernaut”, “The Munitions Ship Murders”, “The Scourge of Shiatan”, “The Snaring of Sergeant Frost”, “Something for Ev”, “The Stone of Tanit-Astarte”, and “We Have Met the Enemy”. Works of non-fiction include “Is Hunting for True Sportsmen?”

Correspondence includes letters to and from various publishers and libraries, royalty statements, and others, dating from 1950 to 1976.

Research material includes character sketches, art, background material, notes, plot ideas, maps, and family trees.
Notable Figures
1. Mason, F. van Wyck (Francis van Wyck), 1901-1978
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