Masters, John (1914-1983)
The John Masters Collection contains manuscripts, correspondence, research material, financial material, and audio.

Manuscripts include High Command (Morrow, 1984) (with various drafts under different titles); The Himalayan Concerto (Doubleday, 1976); The Ravi Lancers (Doubleday, 1972); Master of Lies; Scarecare; Night Plague; Burning; Man of War (chapter outlines only, 1981) ; and The Survivor (1976). Outlines include those for Loss of Eden (1979) and Commander, CTL (1981). Several bound notebooks belonging to Masters regarding many of his books are also in the collection, as well as several articles about Masters. An article by Masters entitled "Every Wednesday," later published as "Leaving the World Below," was also later donated to the collection. 

Correspondence between the author and his literary agent, Laurence Pollinger, dated from 1952-1983 is included. 

Research material includes index card notes, sorted by the book or topic to which they pertain, and are filed under the headings The Breaking Strain (1967), The Field Marshall's Memoirs, The Himilayan Concerto, Loss of Eden, The Ravi Lancers, "Rise and Fall of White Man in Asia Index", Thunder at Sunset, and Wreck of the Mao.  Also included are extensive research files for Loss of Eden, the World War 2 trilogy written by Masters (1979, 1980, and 1981) and files are sorted based on specific topics.

A financial report from Oppenheimer and Co. dated 1982-1983 including some pages on John Masters has been included. 

Cassette tapes for Now God Be Thanked have also been collected. 
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1. Masters, John, 1914-1983
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