Mather, Melissa (1917-2014)
The Melissa Mather collection consists of manuscripts, subject files, correspondence, and printed material. 

Manuscripts in the collection include both novels and short works. Novels have been collected in various drafts, with corrections and some research and correspondence regarding their creation. Novels include One Summer In Between (Harper and Row, 1967); Rough Road Home (Lippincott, 1958); and Call It by Its Rightful Name.  Short works included in the collection are "The Wall"; "Model for Cinderella" (1950); "My Mother Was Inspected by a General"(1948) ; "The Amateur Wife"; "All I Want For Christmas"; "Damndest Yankee" (1953) ; "Day in Combat" (1952); "Stork is a Choosey Bird"; "Jack and the Scientific Survey"; "Subtract One" (ca. 1953); "The Insubordination of Elizabeth McCaffry" (1963) and "Stand Tall" (1961). 

Subject files in the collection include research, correspondence, and printed material arranged by Mather into various topics.  Topics include Rough Road Home; "background reading" for Call It by Its Rightful Name, much of it literature and political writing from the 1960s and 1970s on the Vietnam War; the Kent State shootings and the aftermath; clippings and correspondence with Senators Aiken, Cook, Prouty and others entitled "Anti-Carswell"; various political issues; Mather's books; and "Family Affairs." 

Correspondence in the collection includes letters between Mather and her publishers; letters regarding her son Michael; letters to and from Patricia Schartle and Constance Smith (1953-1956); correspondence regarding ideas and research for Rough Road Home; letters about the promotion of One Summer In Between with Patricia Schartle and Genevieve Young (1966-1969) and others; letters from readers (1966-1969); business correspondence, including notes and revisions; miscellaneous letters, some from magazines (1948-1949); business, personal, fan mail, and family letters (1968-1969); and others.  Several rejection letters from publishers are also present; one rejection was on the basis that the topic of the Vietnam War was "no longer an issue"; as well as copies of letters to the Vermont Standard, Rutland Herald, Christian Science Monitor, and The New York Times regarding the Kent State protests and shootings, including a letter reading "We Were There".  Also in the collection are family and personal letters, holiday cards, and several political letters, including an angry letter to Ronald Reagan (1980s-1990s). 

Printed material, also sorted into topics, includes an anti-smoking pamphlet (1967); material on the Democratic Convention, Burlington, May 1968 that contains news clips, letters, brochures, broadsides, and other items relating to Eugene McCarthy's candidacy; and clips of articles about the author and her works. 
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