Mcdonald, Gregory (1937-2008)
The Gregory Mcdonald collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, legal and financial material, photographs, audio and video, and other material.

Manuscripts by Mcdonald in the collection include drafts of novels, short stories, plays for stage and screen and television, poetry, and various articles.

Novels include Entrances and Exits (1957, unpublished); Those Who Came Behind (1959, 1967, unpublished); Running Scared (Obolensky, 1964); Fletch (Bobbs-Merrill, 1974); Flynn (Avon, 1977); Fletch’s Fortune (Avon, 1978); Love Among the Mashed Potatoes (Dutton, 1978); Who Took Toby Rinaldi? (Putnam, 1980); Fletch and the Widow Bradley (Avon, 1981); The Buck Passes Flynn (Ballantine, 1981); Fletch’s Moxie (Warner, 1982); Carioca Fletch (Warner, 1982); Fletch and the Man Who (Warner, 1983); Flynn’s In (Mysterious Press, 1984); Safekeeping (Penzler Books, 1985); Fletch Won (Warner, 1986); Fletch, Too (Warner, 1987); A World Too Wide (Hill, 1987); Exits and Entrances (Hill, 1988); Merely Players (Hill, 1988); The Brave (Barricade Books, 1991); Son of Fletch (Putnam-Berkley, 1993); Fletch Reflected (Putnam, 1994); Skylar (William Morrow and Co., 1995); Skylar in Yankeeland (William Morrow and Co., 1997); Autobiography of a Dead White Male ; and Grace… Is a Woman .

Non-fiction books include Existential Duality (1959, unpublished); Souvenirs of a Blown World, a collection of Boston Globe Sunday Magazine articles, 1966-1969; The Education of Gregory McDonald (Warner, 1985); and a fragment of an autobiography titled So Far, So Good .

Articles consist of numerous pieces (individual and series) written by Mcdonald for various newspapers. The contents include criticism, politics, reportage, travel writing, and other subjects; several unpublished articles are present.

Stage plays include the titles Anima Christi; Bull’s Eye; Der Fuehrer; Signy ; and Solly . Screenplays include the titles Au Naturel; Fletch (1974-1975); Pinto; Spoof (1973); Fletch Saved; Flynn ; and Eve and Adam . Also present are some proposals for television shows, accompanied by related correspondence; these date from the 1970’s.

Some manuscripts by other authors are present in the collection. These include two separate screenplays of Running Scared, by Hugo Butler and Dalton Trumbo and by Clive Exton and David Hemmings; The Brave, adapted by Paul McCudden (1993); several manuscripts by Irving T. McDonald (Gregory Mcdonald’s father); and The Plant (two part story) by Stephen King. There are also drafts of a dozen speeches and radio commentaries given by Irving T. McDonald during the 1940’s and 1950’s.

The collection contains extensive correspondence of both a professional and a personal nature dating from the 1960s to the early 2000s. The personal correspondence include letters between Mcdonald and his first wife, Susi, from the early 1960s and 1970s. Other personal letters are organized in Mcdonald’s alphabetical subject files, which include family and friends as well as professional contacts and organizations as well as various writing projects; subjects include the Mystery Writers of America, the Peace Corps, the Author’s Guild, and producer Jennings Lang. These files date from the early 1960s through the 1970s.

The professional letters consist of numerous items regarding Mcdonald’s literary projects. Arranged by topic, these letters pertain to Mcdonald’s agent, Fletch, Pinto, Running Scared, Spoof, Signy, Those Who Came Behind, Mcdonald’s work with the Boston Globe, Souvenirs of a Blown World, and other subjects.

Notable correspondents include Stewart Alsop, David Brinkley, Al Capp, Robert Evans, Achibald MacLeish. Most professional correspondence is found in small sections pertaining to book projects from the mid 1970s to the 2000s. There are also files regarding the production of the films Fletch (1985) and Fletch Lives (1989).

Printed material in the collection primarily consists of the published versions of articles and reviews Mcdonald wrote for various periodicals, including the Boston Globe, Cosmopolitan, Polar magazine, Ellery Queen, Cambio, and Smeyna (a Soviet publication that serialized Fletch ). Also present are reviews of Mcdonald’s writings. This material dates from the 1960s through the 2000s.

Legal and financial material in the collection includes contracts for books and films, bank statements, receipts, and various other documents. Some professional correspondence is also included.

Photographs in the collection include various family photos dating from the late 1800s to the 1980s, as well as photos of various events attended by Mcdonald, photos of artwork by him, and photos of him on book tours. Also present are some photos of Mcdonald with actor Chevy Chase and director Michael Ritchie, both of whom worked on the film version of Fletch .

Audio and video material in the collection includes tapes of talks given by Mcdonald, as well as radio and television appearances.

Other items in the collection include desk diaries, address books, diplomas, certificates and various papers and photographs regarding Mcdonald’s interest in architecture.
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