McGaffin, William (1910-1975)
The William McGaffin collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, diaries and notebooks, research materials, personal materials, photographs, and scrapbooks.

Manuscripts are almost exclusively drafts of articles written by McGaffin. Most of McGaffin's articles were sorted by him into files based on topic and year; all the material in the files pertain to World War II.  McGaffin's writings from the 1950s and 1960s are arranged chronologically.  Also included are press dispatches and speeches. A speech delivered by McGaffin in 1942 to the Egyptian State Broadcasting Corporation, titled "Speaking from Experience," is present in the collection, along with several of McGaffin's notebooks and copies of press dispatches.

Correspondence is largely professional and mostly to and from the Associated Press.

Printed material includes a newspaper article on the London blackout (1939); "William McGaffin Fresh From Cairo, Reports Firsthand on Historic 'Big Four' Meetings" (1944); a printed invitation from the British Ambassador to a garden party; "Laval Admits pro-Nazi Aims"; "McGaffin Made European Editor of Associated Press Features" (1937); a map of "Britain's Air Offensive, R.A.F. Attacks on Germany"; a copy of Associated Press "Front Line Press" with a biography by McGaffin; and other various magazines and newspapers containing articles by or about McGaffin.

Several of McGaffin's diaries and notebooks have been collected, including ones from 1940, 1942, and 1943. Some are laid in with telegrams, newspaper clippings, and interview questions.

Research and professional materials include articles by others McGaffin had taken from newspapers and magazines, dispatches, notes, and a press pass for the Paris Conference in 1946.

McGaffin's ID card has been collected, as well as several photos of him in London.

Two scrapbooks are included, one containing clippings from the Chicago Daily News, articles from Saipan and Okinawa (1945) printed in the Saturday Evening Post, and a 1943 coronation story. The second scrapbook contains articles dispatched from London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Germany dated 1948-1950. 
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