McNeill, Robert B. (1915-1975)

The Robert B. McNeill Collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, financial material, and memorabilia, among other materials.

Manuscripts include the autobiographical book God Wills Us Free, as well as the short writings Negro In the Woodpile, Psalms for Today, Tall Steeple, The Knot Hole View, assorted sermons, speeches and articles including “The Urgency of the South,” “Protestant, Be Yourself,” “Complacency or Aggression,” “Is Christianity Failing?,” “If I Die Before I Wake,” “The Firing Squad,” and “The History and the Essence of Man.” Also included are untitled novels, sermons dating from 1962 to 1968, as well as poems, lecture outlines, notes and other writings.

Correspondence includes personal and professional letters dating from 1957 to 1975.

Printed material includes newspaper clippings regarding civil rights from 1949 to 1966, magazines, pamphlets and flyers.

Financial material includes mortgage and insurance papers, bills, and other items.  

Memorabilia includes papers regarding family history, “Personalities of the South” and “Outstanding Educators of America” certificates, and schedule. Also included is a memory book from McNeill’s funeral.

Legal material includes a passport and copies of McNeill’s birth certificate.

The collection also includes photographs, an audiocassette and medical records.

Notable Figures
1. McNeill, Robert B. (Robert Blakely), 1915-
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