McNeish, James (1931- )
The James McNeish collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, professional material, research material, audio, and photographs.

Manuscripts by McNeish include drafts of Mackenzie Affair (1970-1972); Penelope's Island (1989-1990); Joy (1982); The Man From Nowhere and Other Prose (1990); The Glass Zoo (1976); Art of the Pacific; Larks in Paradise (1974); Lovelock; My Name is Paradiso; The Road to Tiendanite; Tavern in the Town (1957); The Mark of Sanity: The Bain Murders (1997); Walking on My Feet, A Biography of A.R.D. Fairburn (1983); Mr. Halliday and the Circus Master (1996); Scopus! (1982); Belonging - Conversations in Israel; and An Albatross Too Many. Also included are drafts of the stage plays The Rocking Cave (1973) and Not Just Men (1995).

Correspondence includes research letters regarding New Caledonia and Scopus!; personal letters, including Christmas letters dated 1980-1982; and fan mail. 

Printed material includes the Palestine Police Old Comrades' Association Newsletter (1980); "Jerusalem Within the Walls", The Israel Economist (1977); a member list and rule book for The Arab Legion Officers' Association (1979); a Scopus journal (1975);  and 3 photocopies of photos of the Jerusalem area.

Professional material includes various notes and printed material regarding information gathering for Scopus, travel information, bibliographies, contact lists, and an application for the Lady Davis Fellowship Trust (1980).

Research material includes notes, correspondence, and government documents regarding Scopus; a bound “List of Animals Mentioned in the Bible”; miscellaneous newspaper copies and clips regarding Jerusalem; 15 copies of correspondence labeled “Glubb Letters” (1948); and about 20 maps of the Mt. Scopus area.

Audio recordings consist of an audio cassette labeled "Ramati (SCOPUS)" dated 1980.

Photographs include several black and white prints of men, labeled with their names and their locations, dated 1988; a black and white portrait labeled "Refugee Professor/ Zondek"; and several other assorted black and white photographs with labels for those pictured, all dating from the mid-to-late 1940s. 
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