Menen, Aubrey (1912-1989)
The Aubrey Menen collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, magazines, scrapbooks, notes and journals, photographs, and printed material.

Manuscripts by Menen in the collection include books, screenplays, and articles. Books include The Prevalence of Witches (Chatto & Windus, 1947, Scribner, 1948, Ballantine, 1969) in notebook form, including an essay “How I Wrote The Prevalence of Witches”; The Stumbling Stone (Scribner, 1949); The Ramayana as Told by Aubrey Menen (Scribner, 1954), including a screenplay version; A Conspiracy of Women (Random House, 1965); India (text by Aubrey, photographs by Roloff Beny; McGraw, 1969); The Mystics, written with Graham Hall (Dial Press, 1972); Upon This Rock (Saturday Review Press, 1972); Fonthill (Putnam, 1974); The Bad Samaritan (unpublished); Kitten in the Gondola (unpublished); Indira Gandhi (unfinished); The Malabar Marriage (unpublished); and Graham and the Elephants (unpublished). Also present are drafts for over twenty magazine articles.
Correspondence in the collection includes both personal and professional letters, dating from 1928 to 1973. Personal letters include over thirty postcards sent by Menen from Italy to his parents and friends (1947-1953); and letters to various individuals, dating from 1954 to 1973. Notable correspondents include Woodrow Wyatt, Alan Paton, Jacqueline Bannerjee, Sylvia Oliver, and Kali Narain Menen (Aubrey Menen’s father). Professional letters include over 300 letters, contracts, receipts, statements and other business items from J. Walter Thompson Co., dating from 1928 to 1966. In addition, there is a Max Wilk and copies of letters to Lois Wallace of the William Morris Agency.
Printed materials in the collection includes over 200 clippings regarding Menen (1949-1950) as well as magazines and tearsheets featuring his writing. Publications include Harper’s Bazaar, Holiday, Saturday Review, Imprint, The Onlooker, Malayalam, Travel and Leisure, and Lilliput. Also, there are over one hundred clippings of reviews by Menen or ads for his books. In addition, there are programs from Menen’s plays; issues of The Bookman (for which Menen was a drama critic); nearly twenty papers in Indian and English featuring stories on Mahatma Gandhi; and a scrapbook for Menen’s books that includes dust jackets, reviews, letters and more (Aug. 1950 - Jan. 1963).
Photographs in the collection contain over 200 photographs, ranging in size from 2 x 3” to 8 x 11”; some are signed. Subjects include Menen from his childhood to the 1960s; Menen in a 1920 prep school photo; Menen with friends, an uncle, and baby photos of him; and photos featuring Kamala Das, K. Mahadeva Das, Jausuvya Das, Graham Hall, and Jayaprakash Narayan.
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