Merillat, H.C.L. (1915-2010)
The H.C.L. Merillat collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, subject files, professional material, legal material, financial material, diaries and journals, and photographs.

Manuscripts include books, articles, and essays.  The collection includes drafts of The Gnostic Apostle Thomas: Twin of Jesus? (1997); "D-Day in Normandy for Three U.S. Marines" (Fortitude, 1994); articles regarding King Abdullah of Jordan, Jerusalem, Jinnah, Queen Wilhelmina, Markos (Greek guerrilla leader), Sir Stafford Cripps, and an obituary for Gandhi, all for Time magazine; comments on the 50th anniversary of Guadalcanal; "Daily Records of Events on Guadalcanal" (1942); "Richer by Asia" (1978); "Writings About the Apostle Thomas"; "Diary of Visit to the U.S. Embassy in Saigon" (1971), two essays, "Recollections of Jean Stafford" (1992), and an autobiography (1972).  Also present is a draft of "The Elizabeth Bentley Matter (A Memorandum to My Children)" by Duncan Lee.

Correspondence in the collection includes letters from the 1970s to various individuals, including Ellsworth Bunker (ambassador to India and Vietnam), Carol Laise (ambassador to Nepal), Dr. Grace Morley (Director of the National Museum of New Delhi), and Jagat Rama (Foreign Secretary to India).  Other professional correspondence includes letters regarding India (1950s), the US government (1930s-2005), a designation as a member of the US delegation to the NATO Ministerial Meeting in 1953, and others. Personal correspondence largely consists of letters between Merillat and his family and friends.

Printed material includes newspaper articles from Guadalcanal that mention Merillat; "Marine Memories" by Merillat from D-Day (1944); an article entitled “Newsmen were closest Marines to Normandy Landings” (Fortitude, 1994); book reviews regarding Guadalcanal Remembered and The Island; articles by Merillat for Guadalcanal Echoes and Marine Corps Gazette; an essay by John Espey regarding Oxford and a reunion; a booklet entitled “The American Society of International Law”; "The American Society of International Law 60th Anniversary" booklet; "Legal Advisers and Foreign Affairs," from American Journal of International Law (1965); newspaper clippings and programs regarding living in India (1959-1960); several clippings of articles by Merillat; and other items.

Some subject files include: the USMC archives and public accounts regarding the interception of US boats early in the Guadalcanal campaign; Guadalcanal press and censorship; the book The Polk Conspiracy by Kati Marton; and the Alger Hiss case.

Professional material includes a “Report of the Executive Director” for ASIL (1966); a "Review of the Foundation's Program of Foreign Area Training Fellowships"; notes; and a list of itineraries, requests, and professional notes regarding living in India (1959-1960).

Legal and financial material includes a tax exemption form (1989); a birth certificate; bills from India (1959); "Kulu Expedition Costs"; and other items.

Diaries and journals in the collection include Merillat's journals of his time in India and the establishment of the Indian Law Institute (1958-1960); diaries of a trip to the Middle East as a roving correspondent for Time magazine; diaries of a trip to Sri Lanka; and diaries of India and Nepal trips in 1978.

Photographs in the collection include those of Merillat in Calcutta and with Dean Spaeth (Dean of Law at University of Calcutta); a print of the editorial staff of Time magazine; a print of Merillat aboard a ship off Juno Beach from D-Day in Normandy in 1944, photos of Merillat as a Marine in World War II, a black and white print in London (1950); and a photo of Merillat being presented with the Special Award of Marine Corps Historical Foundation in 1983. 
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1. Merillat, H. C. L. (Herbert Christian Laing), 1915-
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