Michie, Allan A. (1915-1973)
The Allan A. Michie collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, scrapbooks, legal and financial material, audio, photographs, and personal memorabilia.

Manuscripts include non-fiction books, fiction books, early short works of both fiction and non-fiction, articles, dispatches, outlines, film scripts, lectures, radio transcripts, and proposals.  Books include The Air Offensive Against Germany (Henry Holt and Co., 1943); The Crown and the People (Secker and Warburg, 1952); Dixie Demagogues (The Vanguard Press, 1939); Honor for All (George Allan and Unwin Ltd., 1947); The Invasion of Europe (Dodd, Mead and Co., 1964); Keep the Peace Through Air Power (Allan and Unwin, 1944); Retreat to Victory (Alliance, 1942); Voices Through The Iron Curtain; The Radio Free Europe Story (Dodd, Mead and Co., 1963); Their Finest Hour; God Save the Queen; Lights of Freedom; Higher Education and World Affairs; the anthology Reader's Digest Secrets and Spies; an outline for a book to be titled Through Ordeal to the Stars - R.A.F. in Action; and others. Many of his early, unpublished short writings are also included, such as "America's Gun Molls," "Education, Cafeteria Style," "The Magic Box," "Our Modern Youth," and others.  Many drafts of articles were written by Michie for Reader's Digest; those are all dated from the 1940s, when Michie was an editor for the magazine in the UK. Also present are articles by Michie published in other periodicals.  Dispatches by Michie were written mainly for Time, Life and Newsweek; they include a piece on Gomulka and Tito; a report from Gomulka’s Poland; a piece on European "Common Culture"; and many pieces for "Periscope" (Newsweek, 1957), among others.  Radio transcripts are mostly for BBC North America, date from the 1940s, and pertain to World War II news and strategies. Some titles include "A New Weapon to Fight the U-Boats"; "Should the Axis War Leaders Face Public Trial?"; "Let’s Get This Straight"; a program regarding the U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain (1950); and others.  Proposals include book proposals for Operation Market Garden: The Battle for Arnhem; a series to be called Focus Books; and a proposal for an entertainment center called "International Village".  Also present is a screenplay, A Picture of Britain (Crown Film Unit Production, 1950).
Two diaries, one from a Europe trip in 1936 and one from a Middle East Trip in 1941, along with various notes, are present in the collection.

Correspondence is both personal and professional, and dates from the 1930s to the 1970s. Personal correspondence includes letters to Michie’s family. Professional correspondence includes letters to Radio Free Europe, Anthony Neil Wedgewood, Dwight Eisenhower, Martha Gelhorn, Robert E. Lang, Whitney Shepardson, Eleanor Shepardson, Leland Stowe, Charles Frankel, William Fulbright, The Educational Center for the Advancement of Intercultural Studies, Manfred Gottfried, Hugh Scott, and others. 

Printed material includes tear sheets from magazines of articles written by Michie; a preliminary version of The Crown and the People called The People's King, published in 13 installments in London Sunday Graphic in 1952; Newsweek dispatches; selections and clippings of wartime journalism; Current magazine; clips on education and world affairs; an Embassy of Ghana publication, and other items.

Several scrapbooks have been collected, each relating to a different book or books by Michie. These include letters, ads, reviews, magazine tear sheets, and press releases for Retreat to Victory (1942-1948), The Air Offensive Against Germany (1943-1946), Keep the Peace and Honor for All, respectively. Several scrapbooks more generally regarding his writing and journalism are also included.

Legal and financial material includes contracts for books, income tax statements, and travel receipts. 

Audio recordings include nine open-reel tapes regarding Radio Free Europe and Ghana.

Photographs are both personal and professional. These include early photographs from Michie's birth to college graduation; school class photos; high school photos; photos of his wife and family; photos of relatives and family in Scotland and America dating from the 1890s-1945; informal photos later in life taken in England and the Middle East; a photo of Michie with Randolph Churchill; a photo of Michie as the Director of "Radio Free Europe" in Munich, W. Germany, 1955-1956; photos of Michie at various functions as the chief of Ghana Information Service in the U.S.; photos with Nkrumah of Ghana; photos with Charles W. Ferguson;  other professional photos; an inscribed photo from the U.N. Ambassador in Ghana; prints used for book research including military operations; photos of German air targets and sea bombing with bombing statistics; and various photos of unknown soldiers.

Personal memorabilia includes report cards; attendance records; college transcripts (1923-1936); high school and college documents; memorabilia for Manesha High School; Michie's diplomas from high school and college; a list of correspondents in London during World War II; Boy Scout badges; address books; an award from Crusade for Freedom (1954); Maps of the Middle East and North Africa; a wooden printing block with a mounted engraved copper plate map of South Africa; and other items.
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