Moody, R. Bruce (1933- )

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The R. Bruce Moody collection includes manuscripts, printed material, professional material, correspondence, financial material, notebooks, audio material, and other materials. 

Manuscripts in the collection include the novel The Decline and Fall of Daphne Finn (1966), an unpublished work titled Snow, and several drafts of Will Work for Food or Money: A Memoir from the Roadside (1994-2001). Many stage, television, and radio scripts are included, such as Creon, The Death of Ivan Ilich, Columbus, Tryout, and Mary Brown, as well as scripts for television and radio commercials for General Mills Cereals, Best Foods, and Peter Paul Candies dated between 1962 and 1967, and untitled manuscripts for five plays. Other manuscripts include many long stories, short stories, poems, miscellaneous articles, criticisms, and papers and essays from Moody’s high school, prep school, and college work. 

Printed material in the collection includes literary reviews of Daphne Finn, vacation pamphlets, articles, clippings, programs, posters, book covers, flyers, internet printouts, and miscellaneous newspapers and magazines. Articles in the collection date from 2003 to 2004. Clippings are related to Moody’s career and date 2003 to 2005. Programs in the collection include the program for a 2004 awards ceremony. Magazines in the collection date from 1962 to 2008.

Professional material includes endorsements, publicity files, contracts, subject files, business cards, press releases, and contact lists. Subject files regard interview correspondence and confirmation, press appointments, and book store correspondence. Contracts include those for the play Skittish.

Correspondence in the collection includes thousands of personal and professional letters, both sent and received by Moody, dating from 1950 to 2007. Letters are mostly to and from family and friends. Notable correspondents include Kenneth Keating, W. Somerset Maugham, and Patricia Neal. 

Financial material in the collection includes tax returns dating from 1958 to 1968 and 2010, account statements, donation records, travel receipts, budgets, royalty statements, and bills.

Notebooks in the collection include various notebooks form Moody’s school days and notebooks containing poetry dating from 2001 to 2012.

Audio material includes cassette tapes of the Compassion Radio Show and audio reels titled ‘Stars Vocal Minority.’

Other materials in the collection consist of Moody’s biographical resumes; medical records; educational awards; recommendations; and transcripts; military papers; records; and awards. 

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