Nassauer, Rudolf (1924-1996)
The Rudolph Nassauer collection consists of manuscripts, printed material, notes, correspondence, and other items.

Manuscripts by Nassauer in the collection include his novels (all published by G. Cape except where noted) The Hooligan (several drafts, 1960); The Examination (1973); The Unveiling (1975); Agents of Love (1976); Reparations (1981); and Kramer’s Goats (Dufour Editions, 1986). There is also a manuscript for an unpublished novel titled Christopher .

Other manuscripts include numerous short stories, several poems, and plays; many of these works are unfinished drafts or early versions with numerous annotations and corrections by Nassauer.

Also of interest are notebooks kept by Nassauer which contain early draft material and notes for The Hooligan and other works, including his poems.
The collection also includes a manuscript for The Cabaret, a novel by Lisa Apignanesi.

Printed material includes several book reviews of Nassauer’s work, book jackets, and articles from newspapers and magazines which refer to or were written by Nassauer himself.

Correspondence includes letters to and from agents and publishers from 1975 to 1990, as well as personal letters to his parents and several others.

Other material includes Nassauer’s diaries (1959-1974), five German legal documents from 1889-1907, and one signed photograph of Nassauer.

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1. Nassauer, Rudolf
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