Nearing, Scott (1883-1983) and Helen (1904-1995)
The Scott and Helen Nearing collection consists of manuscripts, subject files, printed material, correspondence, photographs, personal memorabilia, and other items. The bulk of the papers is made up of variant drafts of books, many with corrections by the Nearings and others.

The Nearings kept detailed notes and outlines for all speeches, lectures, articles, reviews, and books that they wrote. This material is arranged by topic for all their projects dating from the late 1910s to the early 1980s. Book manuscripts in the collection include The New Social Order (1926); Communism (unpublished, 1928); Hard Times (unpublished, ca. 1932); Worldism (unpublished, 1934); World Commonwealth (1941); The Road to International Peace (1941); Living the Good Life (Social Science Institute, 1954); Social Forces That are Remaking the World (unpublished, 1957); Feet of Clay (unpublished, 1962); The Making of A Radical (Harper and Row, 1972), including correspondence; Food For Thought (unpublished, ca. 1975-1980); Building and Using Our Low-Cost Sun-Heated Greenhouse (Garden Way, 1977); Social Forces (1979); Continuing the Good Life (Schocken, 1979); Wise Words on the Good Life (Schocken, 1980); Our Home Made of Stone (Down East Books, 1983); and others.

Subject files in the collection consist of various items arranged by the Nearings around specific topics. Subjects include the economy, war, revolution, U.S. imperialism, capitalism, public opinion, education, and social justice. More specific subjects about which Scott Nearing lectured and collected material include China and Latin America. The collection also includes papers dealing with environmental issues. In addition, the collection includes a file of 3" x 5" cards with notes, quotations, mounted clippings from various sources as well as the Nearings’ own words, and annotated bibliographic citations arranged by subject according to a numerical system. These cards, dating from ca. mid-1920s to 1982, were a main reference tool used by Scott and Helen Nearing when preparing their work.

Correspondence in the collection consists of approximately one hundred letters, dating from 1934 to 1984. Subjects of letters include logging and uranium mining in Vermont (1975-1979) and the film Reds, in which Scott Nearing appeared (1981). Notable correspondents include John McAleer, Sunde Smith, Robert Taylor, and Louis E. Wise.

Printed material in the collection includes biographical items -- newspaper clippings and articles -- about both Scott and Helen Nearing (1909-1987). Also present are articles and reviews written by the Nearings (1915-1980). Periodicals represented include a variety of publications, including national news magazines, academic journals, and political / activist magazines; titles include Newsweek, The Churchman, Nation, Down East, Manas, Vegetarian, The New Socialist, Yankee, Organic Gardening, People, Homesteaders News, and Zedek .

Photographs in the collection include pictures of Scott Nearing from 1920 to 1982. Also present are photos of both the Nearings, dating from the 1950s to 1982.

Personal memorabilia in the collection includes two honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degrees, received by Scott Nearing from Clark University and St. Francis College (1974 and 1975, respectively); the degrees that Scott Nearing earned from Temple College and the University of Pennsylvania in 1905 and 1909; and the two degree certificates earned by Scott Nearing’s first wife, Nellie Marguerite Seeds Nearing.

Other items in the collection include several scrapbooks created by the Nearings, with articles about travels, conferences, etc.; and two reels of microfilm containing U.S. Military Intelligence Reports regarding "Surveillance of Radicals in the United States, 1917-1941." These reels contains over 161 pages of documents about the surveillance of Scott Nearing between 1918-1919.

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1. Nearing, Helen
2. Nearing, Scott, 1883-1983
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