O'Connor, Philip (1916-1998)
The Philip O'Connor collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, professional materials, film and video materials, audio materials, photographs, electronic media materials, and other materials.

Manuscripts in the collection include the novels Steiner's Personality, The Reverend Man and the Pop Art of Love, The Clown and I, and The End of the Beginning; journals dated between 1975 and 1997, one with three volumes titled "Egocide; Life after Dearth; the Failure to Succeed"; pieces titled "The Eyes of the Heart" and "Experiments"; works titled "Steiner's Time" and "Steiner's Home"'; various poems; interviews by O'Connor with people including Quentin Crisp and Nicholas Moseley; O'Connor's essay "On Writing an Autobiography"; short stories, essays, plays, and many other miscellaneous works.

Correspondence in the collection includes both personal and professional material dated between 1990 and 2000. Notable correspondents include Saul Bellow, Michael Hamburger, and Keith Botsford.

Printed material in the collection includes O'Connor's 1990 journal The Rambler, his Memoirs of a Public Baby, the original paperback for Egocide, Rambler 2, newspaper obituaries for O'Connor, a biographical sketch of O'Connor, reviews of O'Connor's autobiography, a photocopied booklet on films at the Centre Pompidou from May to July 2001, and many poems, reviews, and works by O'Connor and by others.

Professional material in the collection includes a booklet containing photocopies of book covers and the first few pages of O'Connor's books, and a catalogue titled "Publications."

Film and video in the collection includes two VHS tapes containing material titled "Testament of a Poet/Look at me," and "Captain Busby and Public Baby."

Audio in the collection includes audio cassettes titled "Tennessee Williams-Works and Words," "P.O'C Interview with P. Scanlan," "Poetry," and "Mix," as well as 5 CD's with transcripts from 1997.

Photographs in the collection include various photocopied shots of O'Connor, as well as a shot of him with his mother.

Electronic media in the collection includes a CD-ROM titled "Philip O'Connor Archive."

Other material in the collection includes a list of archives with collections of O'Connor material, a list of O'Connor holdings at the BBC radio archives, and a list of names and notes in French.
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1. O'Connor, Philip, 1916-1998
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