Pakenham, Elizabeth [Longford] (1906-2002)
The Elizabeth Pakenham [Longford] collection consists of manuscripts and other material.

Manuscripts by Longford in the collection (all published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson unless otherwise noted) include Jameson’s Raid (1960); Victoria R. I. (1964); Wellington, volumes 1 (1969) and 2 (1972); Winston Churchill (Sidgwick and Jackson, 1974); The Royal House of Windsor (1974); Byron’s Greece (1975); Byron (1976); Louisa, Lady in Waiting, edited by Longford (J. Cape, 1979); A Pilgrimage of Passion: The Life of Wilfrid Scawen Blunt (Granada, 1979; Knopf, 1980); Images of Chelsea (Saint Helena Press, 1980); The Queen Mother: A Biography (1981; Academy Chicago, 1986); Eminent Victorian Women (1981); Elizabeth R.: A Biography (1983; Knopf, 1983); The Pebbled Shore: The Memoirs of Elizabeth Longford (Knopf, 1986); The Oxford Book of Royal Anecdotes, edited by Longford (Oxford University Press, 1989); and Poet’s Corner (Trafalgar Square, 1993).

Other items in the collection include correspondence; printed material on children and families, including newspaper columns by Longford (possibly for Points for Parents); diaries; date books; and notebooks and loose pages with research and manuscript material.

Notable Figures
1. Longford, Elizabeth, 1906-2002
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