Parry, Hugh (1916-1997)
The Hugh Parry collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, and printed material.
Manuscripts in the collection include Parry’s books The Grave of Heroes (Heinemann, 1961); To Hell for Half-a-crown (Random House, 1967); A Roman Death (unpublished, ca. 1969); and The Gold of Mithras (unpublished, ca. 1985).

 Other manuscripts in the collection include several short stories by Parry, including “The Doll-House” (published in the anthology Dangerous Visions (Doubleday, 1967) edited by Harlan Ellison); Parry’s doctoral dissertation, The Spanish Civil War: A Study in American Public Opinion Propaganda and Pressure Groups (June 1949); a paper delivered at the American Association for Public Opinion Research, “Primary Levels of Under-Reporting Psychotropic Drug Use,” written with Mitchell B. Balter and Ira H. Cisin (May 1969); and book reviews.
Correspondence in the collection includes several letters to Parry dating from the late 1960s.
Printed material in the collection includes several book reviews by Parry published in The Annals of the American Academy, Opinion and Attitude Research, Public Opinion Quarterly, Scientific Monthly, Washington Star, The Washington Post, and elsewhere. Also present are several reviews of Parry’s novels, and other general clippings.
Notable Figures
1. Cross, James, 1916-1997
2. Parry, Hugh Jones
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