Pei, Mario (1901-1978)
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The Mario Pei collection includes manuscripts, printed materials, and other items.

Published works include The World’s Chief Languages (Vanni, 1946), French Precursors of the Chanson de Roland (Columbia University Press, 1948), The Story of Language (Lippincott, 1949), The Story of English (Lippincott, 1952), Swords of Anjou (John Day, 1953), The Sparrows of Paris (Philosophical Library, 1954), All about Language (Lippincott, 1954), Language for Everybody: What It Is and How to Master It (Devin-Adair, 1956), Getting Along In Italian (Harper, 1957), Getting Along in Spanish (Harper, 1957), Getting Along in Portuguese (Harper, 1958), Getting Along in Russian (Harper, 1959), The Families of Words (Harper, 1962), Invitation to Linguistics: A Basic Introduction to the Science of Language (Doubleday, 1965), How to Learn Languages and What Languages Learn (Harper, 1966), The Many Hues of English (Knopf, 1967), The America We Lost: The Concerns of a Conservative (New American Library, 1968), Words in Sheep’s Clothing (Hawthorn, 1969), Tales of the Natural and Supernatural (Devin-Adair, 1971), Double-Speak in America (Hawthorn, 1973), The Story of Latin and the Romance Languages (Harper, 1976), and several reference works.

Printed items consist of articles written by Pei and published in The Saturday Review, The New York Times Magazine, Holiday, and other periodicals, proofs, clippings, reviews, and other items.

The collection also includes personal and professional correspondence, professional materials, memorabilia, and other items.
Notable Figures
1. Pei, Mario, 1901-1978
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