Ponicsan, Darryl (1938- )

The Darryl Ponicsan collection primarily consists of manuscripts and other items regarding his novels.

Material for The Last Detail (Dial Press, 1970) includes drafts of the short story version (titled “The Dirtiest Detail”), drafts of the novel version, proofs, correspondence (including a letter from James Dickey), advertisements, reviews, and documents regarding the film rights. Material for Goldengrove (Dial Press, 1971) includes several drafts, proofs, correspondence, and other items. Material for Andoshen, PA (Dial Press, 1973) includes several drafts, correspondence, and royalty statements. Material for Cinderella Liberty (Harper and Row, 1973) includes drafts of the book and several drafts of the screenplay version, as well as correspondence, advertisements, and royalty statements. Material for The Accomplice (Harper and Row, 1975) includes several drafts and revisions, correspondence, advertisements, and other items. Material regarding The Ringmaster (Delacorte, 1977) includes drafts. Material regarding An Unmarried Man (Delacorte, 1980) includes drafts and correspondence. Also present is material regarding the Ponicsan’s biographical novel Tom Mix Died For Your Sins (Delacorte, 1975).

In addition, the collection includes drafts and correspondence regarding “High Eagle: An Interview with Tim McCoy,” conducted by Ponicsan for Heritage magazine (1977); and four printed items.

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