Posner, Gerald (1954- )

The Gerald Posner collection consists of manuscripts, research material, professional material, printed material, correspondence, audio material, film and video, memorabilia, and other items.

Manuscripts (including proofs) of books by Gerald Posner in the collection include Mengele: The Complete Story, with John Ware (1986); Warlords of Crime: Chinese Secret Societies -The New Mafia (1988); The Bio-Assassins (1989); Case Closed: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK (1993); Why America Slept: The Failure to Prevent 9/11 (2003); and Secrets of the Kingdom (2005). Manuscript drafts for other books by Posner are present in his research files, including the books Hitler’s Children (1991); Citizen Perot (1996); Killing the Dream (1999); Motown (2002); and Miami Babylon. Other manuscripts by Posner in the collection include drafts and notes regarding articles for Talk magazine, The New Yorker, and The New York Times.

Manuscripts (proofs) of books by Trisha Posner consist of This is Not Your Mother’s Menopause (2000) and No Hormones, No Fear: A Natural Journey Through Menopause (2002).

Additional manuscripts in the collection consist of books, plays, screenplays, and teleplays by various writers. Notable items include Niklas Frank’s memoir The Father, a Reckoning (translated from German Der Vater: Eine Abrechnung, originally published by C. Bertelsmann, 1987; translated and published in the U.S as In The Shadow Of The Reich, 1991); a screenplay adaptation of Case Closed, by Jonathan Rintels (1994-1995); New Love American Style: Love and the Weekend in Vermont, a play by Patricia Niedzialek and Cecile Alch (1986); and Hunger: My Life Story, or How I Survived Psychiatric Treatment, by Marian Del Vecchio.

Research material in the collection consists of numerous files regarding Posner’s books and articles. Cumulatively, these files present a comprehensive record of Posner’s thorough research. The files include manuscript pages, notes, printed items, correspondence, photographs, and other documents. The files for Citizen Perot include letters from H. Ross Perot, I. Lewis Libby, Alexander Haig, and George H. W. Bush. The files for Killing the Dream include letters from Jerry Ray (brother of James Earl Ray), Martha Hunt Huie, Jesus Silva-Herzog, and J. B. Stoner. The files for Case Closed include letters from John B. Connally, Fredric Dannen, Mary M. Ferrell, W. Penn Jones, David S. Lifton, Robert L. Oswald, Michael Paine, Francis Pakenham (7th Earl of Longford), David B. Perry, James Phelan, Jerry Ray, and Harold Weisberg. The files for Why America Slept include letters from Richard Armitage and David Frum. Other notable correspondents included in Posner’s research files include Gerald Ford, Thomas Mallon, James C. Oberwetter, Heider Heydrich (son of Reinhard Heydrich), Heinz Schneppen, and Edith T. Mirante.

Research material in the collection also includes topics such the anti-fur campaign (2005); development of the Miami waterfront (2000-2007); and files and notes for Miami Babylon.

Professional material in the collection consists of several subject files covering various aspects of Posner’s writing career, including expenses, contracts, proposals, letters, printed items, research material, and other documents. Notable correspondents represented in the professional files include George H. W. Bush, Gerald Ford, Tina Brown, Harvey Weinstein, Wolf Rüdiger Hess, and Harold Weisberg. This material dates from 1984 to 2001.

Printed material in the collection primarily consists of the printed versions of Posner’s writings. Magazines and other periodicals represented include American Heritage, Asian, Huffington Post, Miami Herald, Newsweek; U.S. News and World Report; Penthouse, People; Playboy, New York, Talk, Time; Saturday Evening Post, Skeptic, Writer’s Digest, Globe, Life, Look, Baltimore Jewish Times, and Hastings Law Journal. Also present are numerous reviews and articles regarding Posner and his books.

Correspondence in the collection is primarily related to Posner’s professional career as a writer and journalist, with some personal letters included. The letters are extensive, dating from the 1980s to 2003. They are mainly organized around Posner’s books and articles. Notable correspondents include Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz (Prince Al-Saud), Stephen E. Ambrose, Paddy Ashdown, William J. Bennett, Menzies Campbell, Edwina Currie, Alfonse M. D’Amato, Steve Forbes, David Frum, David Geffen, Bob and Kathy Guccione, William Bradford Huie, Jacob K. Javits, Edward M. Kennedy, Carl Levin, Edith T. Mirante, Robert Mosbacher, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Jr., Oleg Nechiporenko, Sam Nunn, Daniel Pipes, Arthur M. Schlesinger, Barbara Walters, Tom Wicker, David Wise.   

Audio material in the collection consists of cassettes of interviews conducted as research for Posner’s books Case Closed, Citizen Perot, Mengele, his article on Mark Thatcher, among other subjects.

Film and video in the collection consists of Posner’s television appearances or segments regarding his work. This includes Fox News interviews with Posner; Posner on MSNBC’s Countdown; a tape regarding Why America Slept; and other recordings on VHS and DVD; and some material pertains to Trisha Posner.

Memorabilia in the collection includes awards; Posner’s personal collection of Judaica (some given to Posner by Holocaust survivors); a file circa 1970s regarding Posner’s education; and promotional fans for Miami Babylon.

Other material in the collection includes financial and legal documents; photographs, including several images used in Motown; notebooks; scrapbooks; and oversized material.

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