Price, Eugenia (1916-1996)
NOTE: All or part of this collection is stored off-site. Several days' advance notice is required for retrieval.

The Eugenia Price collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, personal memorabilia, professional material, research material, legal material, financial material, photographs, film and video, and audio material. 

Manuscripts for most of her books are present as well as international editions of some of her books. Also included are articles and some scripts from her time working in radio.  Books include: The Wider Place (Zondervan, 1966); The Beloved Invader (1965); A Woman's Choice (Zondervan, 1962); Beloved World (1967); Shake My Pleasant Stones (1957); God Speaks to Women Today (1964); Find Out For Yourself (1963); Make Love Your Aim (Zondervan, 1967/1968); Living the Great Adventure (1967); New Moon Rising (Lippincott, 1969); Learning to Live from the Gospels (Lippincott, 1968); What Is God Like (Zondervan, 1960); Just As I Am (Lippincott, 1969); Woman to Woman (Zondervan, 1959); The Unique World of Women (Zondervan, 1969); Margaret's Story; Diary of a Novel; St. Simon's Memoir; Leave Yourself Alone; Maria; To See Your Face Again; Getting Through The Night; Burden Is Light; Savannah; What Really Matters; Another Day; Bright Captivity; Beauty from Ashes; Inside One Author's Heart: A Deeply Personal Sharing with Her Readers; No Pat Answers (Zondervan, 1972) and more.  Articles include writings by Price and by others, such as "Faith at Work"; "Love is a Many Splendored Thing" (by Paul Alwine, 1966); "The Joy of Failure"; "At Random"; "The Great Simplification"; "I Watched it Happen"; "Beyond What You Requested"; her "One Point of View" columns, and more.  Scripts include "Old Chicago" radio scripts written by Eugenia Price and dating 1939 to 1950.  Various miscellaneous notes by Price, as well as some manuscripts by Joyce Blackburn, Mary Wheeler, and others, have also been collected.

Correspondence dates from the 1960s through the 1990s.  It includes personal and business letters, as well as fan mail. Notable names corresponded with include Jimmy Carter, Coretta Scott King, and Joyce Blackburn.

Printed material includes almost numerous publicity items, promotions, and announcements; invitations; newspaper articles and clippings by or about Price; press kits for the commemorative editions of New Moon Rising, The Beloved Invader, Lighthouse, and Maria in 2000; copies of stage plays adapted from Price's books; book covers; book club newsletters (1993-1995); posters for some of her books; book reviews for works by Joyce Blackburn and Mary Wheeler; tribute programs; flyer and memorial programs from her death in 1997; promotional bookmarks and postcards; newsletters; best seller lists (1993-1997); mounted book cover proofs; copies of newsletters, magazines, and literary journals; and more. Pamphlets from various important events have also been collected, including: "The Challenge of Heritage Tourism" (1993); flyers for the Tillandsia Festival, 1993; "Eugenia Price Day: A Tribute"; and "A Tribute to Eugenia Price: Celebrating the History of Then and the Heritage of Now."

Personal memorabilia includes certificates and awards; a tape recording of a 1975 lecture given at Armstrong College; a high school year book; birth certificates; marriage certificates; her college diploma from 1967; an award from the Eugenia Price foundation in 2000; a Eugenia Price Special Ribbon Award; name tags; stamps and postcards; a plaque for The Gold Book Award in 1995; and other items. 

Professional material includes appointment and date books (1952-1983); daily reminders (1988-1991); biographies and summaries for book jackets; itineraries for book signings, tours, and research trips; a schedule of television and radio advertisements for her books Beauty from Ashes, Bright Captivity, and Inside One Author's Heart; a biography; and other material.

Research includes clippings used for the rewrite of Savannah; Cherokee research and personal material for Savannah D. Day (1983); a packet of Civil War letters (1858-1864); a photocopy of the Emancipation Proclamation; photocopies of newspapers and magazines from 1864 and 1861; a photocopy of "Tales of My Grandmother," regarding the Gignilliat/Trezevant family and a copy of "Family Stories and Reminscences of Ante-Bellum Days, told by Margaret Gignilliat Homes"; research files regarding the Civil War and politics (1812-1866); various pictures of life in the late 1800s including women's fashion and city life; and more.

Legal material includes a birth certificate, four ID cards, two dog licenses, a voter registration card from 1953, a membership to the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists; family estate papers and wills, author's contracts, and a loan agreement.

Financial material includes expense sheets, loan payment records, advertising costs, and royalty statements.

Photos include: photos of Price and people connected with her; photos from "A Tribute to Eugenia Price"; an event with Joyce Blackburn and her children; prints of Price with Governor Miller of Georgia; a 1967 album for an honorary degree from Alderson-Broaddus College; photos from the Savannah Book Lovers Convention; pictures of St. Simon's island, and other items.

Film and video in the collection includes: "The Written Word"; "Eugenia Price Weekday"; "From Cheryl"; "One on One"; "A Service of Celebration – Eugenia Price – St. Simmon's Island Georgia 1996"; "Doubleday"; "Beauty from the Ashes"; "Eugenia Price Day - May 4, 1991"; "Eugenia Price's South", "Eugenia Price 75th Birthday and Autograph Party for Bright Captivity" and other various videos and documentaries.

Audio includes tapes for "Visit with Genie," interview tapes, tapes of publicity tours, and an audio cassette regarding "Unshackled."
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