Raymond, Ernest (1888-1974)
The Ernest Raymond collection primarily consists of manuscripts, correspondence, research material, printed material, scrapbooks, and personal memorabilia.

Manuscripts in the collection include drafts of novels, unpublished poetry, plays, and essays by Raymond. Novels include Tell England (1922); Rossenal (1922); The Fulfillment of Daphne Bruno (1926); The Old Tree Blossomed (1928); A Family That Was (1930); Child of Norman's End (1934); We The Accused; (1935); The Last To Rest (1941); Was There Love Once (1942); The Five Sons of Le Faber (1946); The Lord of Wensley (1956), and The Tree of Heaven (1965) among others. Poems include Prospered Work, When David's Childer Took the Road, A Christmas Carol, Evening, and The Queue. Plays include The Berg (1929) and The Multabello Road (1932). Essays include One Writer's Theory (1923).

Correspondence in the collection consists of personal letters and postcards including correspondence with politician Henry Brooke regarding the death penalty.

Research material includes author's notes regarding The Trial of William Joyce (1946); The Meaning of Treason (1949); and The Visit of Brother Ives (1960), as well several notebooks of professional notes.

Printed material in the collection includes an editorial by Raymond published in John O' London's Weekly (1952) and several newspaper articles regarding "The Cleft Chin Murder Case" (1954).  

Scrapbooks in the collection are albums of professional material related to various novels published by Raymond. Scrapbook titles include Tell England, We The Accused, In the Steps of St. Francis, and The Marsh.

Personal memorabilia in the collection includes a diary titled "War Diary" (1939-1940) and a journal of various travels (1948). 
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1. Raymond, Ernest, 1888-1974
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