Redmont, Bernard (1918-2017 )
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The Bernard Redmont Collection consists of manuscripts, audio material, video material, printed material, correspondence, notebooks and journals, research material, professional material, photographs, and personal memorabilia.

Manuscripts consist of drafts of articles, essays, interviews, reports, and speeches written by Redmont, as well as a draft of his memoir, Risks Worth Taking: The Odyssey of a Foreign Correspondent (1992). Collected articles and essays date from 1940-1990, and concern subjects such as French culture, human rights, and the press, as well as articles written for Television Quarterly, World Report, and The Sign. Transcripts of Redmont's interviews with publisher Robert R. McCormick and chef Raymond Olivier are also collected. Numerous drafts of talks, lectures, and speeches given by Redmont are also included, dating from 1964-1971, on topics such as Charles de Gaulle and China–Mauritania relations, as well as speeches ghostwritten for the U.S. Marine Corps. Scripts written by Redmont for radio and television are also collected, such as "Israel: Land in Search of Itself" (1966), "Czechoslovakia in Crisis: Freedom Challenges Communism" (1968), "Weekender: Giscard" (1976), and the "Concord Series" (1975), as well as 1950s news stories about French communists and 1970s reports about Brezhnev and other Soviet affairs. The collection also includes the "Confidential Report on the Press of Mexico" (1940) prepared by Redmont for the U.S. State Department, as well as drafts of Redmont's "Dean's Newsletter" and other materials from his time at Boston University.

Audio material consists of an extensive collection of cassette tapes dating from 1974-1992. The recordings concern a myriad of subjects and figures, including Shapour Bakhtiar, Kurt Campbell, Coluche, Francis J. Crawford, Brenda Dean, John Denver, Lawrence Eagleburger, George Esper, Romain Gary, Andrei Gromyko, Guy Gugliotta, Jeff Hanna, Gerald Van der Kemp, Edward Lozansky, Tania Lozansky, Joseph Luns, Sean Macbride, Edward R. Murrow, Anwar Sadat, Andrei Sakharov, Josip Broz Tito, Robert C. Toth, Simon Veil, and Daniel Yergin. Some of the tapes are also recordings of Redmont himself on radio stations such as France's RMC, including a Q&A entitled "Soviet Reality."

Video material consists of tapes from news programs such as 60 Minutes, Nightline, and Frontline on ABC, CBS, CNN, and PBS, dating from 1980-1990. Collected tapes include "Not So Wild a Dream" (1988), "A Day in the Life of Dan Rather" (1990), "Television: Revolution in a Box" (1989), "Operation Sudden Fury" (1988), "Soviet TV" (1985), and "Media and Military" (1986), as well as the Boston University production "Free Speech and Advertising – Who Draws the Line?" (1987).

Printed material primarily consists of copies of articles written by Redmont, including "The Shrinking TV Foreign Correspondent – Or What's Wrong with the System" (1988), "Message from Moscow: Contradictions Provide Democracy a Lesson" (1980), "Two Cheers for Democracy" (1989), "Glasnost Opens the Door to Gourmet Dining in Moscow" (1989), "Eyeing Eastern Europe" (1989), and a 1951 interview with Albert Schweitzer, as well as hundreds of newspaper clippings by or about Redmont, dating from 1941-1969. Also collected is material from Redmont's time at Boston University, including annual reports, informational booklets, and newspaper clippings about the College of Communication.

Correspondence consists of both personal and professional letters dating from 1928 to 1996. Personal correspondence includes invitations, fan mail, thank-you cards, and birth announcements. Professional correspondence includes letters from editors, reporters, literary agents, broadcasters, newspapers, and universities. Notable figures include Carl W. Ackerman, Nelson Rockefeller, and John Silber. Correspondence also includes letters concerning the Boston University College of Communication, the Afghan Media Project, the Selective Service Local Board, and the International Executive Service Corps.

Notebooks and journals in the collection include daily planners from 1966 to 1989, as well as reporter's notebooks from Redmont's time at CBS News. The reporter's notebooks date from 1975 to 1981 and contain notes about Armenia, Egypt, Georgia, Yugoslavia, Moscow, Paris, Vilnius, Belgrade, the Carter-Brezhnev Summit, the French election, and an Italian earthquake. Also collected are notebooks from 1982 to 1986 about Redmont's time at Boston University and notebooks about the Six-Day War, Redmont's 1984 trip to China, and his 1951 interview with Albert Schweitzer, as well as a journal from 1939.

Research material consists of notes and clippings from 1944 to 1990, used by Redmont for his articles. Notable figures researched include Olga Deterding, Charles de Gaulle, Peter Hurkos, John F. Kennedy, Henry Kissinger, Edward Lozansky, Eva Peron, Andrei Sakharov, and Albert Schweitzer.

Professional material includes press passes for places such as Russia, France, and Argentina, dating from 1946 to 1978, as well as various business cards, receipts, itineraries, and brochures. Also included is a 1945 seating list for the National Press Club Annual Member's Dinner for the President of the United States, as well as a typed listing of Redmont's tape archives.

Photographs primarily consist of pictures used as research for Redmont's stories, including photos of Albert Schweitzer's camp in Africa, black and white photographs of truffles, color photographs related to the Afghan Media Project, and black and white photographs of soldiers in Asia during World War II. Also included are color photographs of the Third World Conference of Editors, and a photo album with various black and white prints.

Personal memorabilia in the collection includes event menus, items from trips to France and China, passports dating from 1939-1973, a French driver's license, a selective service notice, an International Student Identity card, Redmont's junior high autograph book, a 1942 lease agreement, and an honorary degree from Florida International University. Also collected are ski club pins and badges, a Lucky Strike Cigarettes box "for the personal use of the American Ambassador," and a 1946 print of Argentinian currency, possibly counterfeit, stamped with the Spanish words "Falso amigo del pueblo es Peron."
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