Riggs, John R. (1945- )
The John Riggs collection consists of manuscripts for his books Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (Dembner, 1985); Haunt of the Nightingale (Dembner, 1988); One Man’s Poison (Dembner, 1991); A Dragon Lives Forever (Barricade, 1992); Killing Frost (Barricade, 1995); He Who Waits (Barricade, 1997); and Crepe and Confetti.

In addition, the collection includes a printed essay, “The Art of Writing a Mystery,” by Riggs, published in Greencastle Monthly (1996); photocopied book reviews of He Who Waits and Killing Frost; and a 1995 catalog from Barricade Books, mentioning Killing Frost.
Notable Figures
1. Riggs, John R., 1945-
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