Rimmer, Robert H. (1917-2001)
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The Robert Rimmer collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, research material, printed material, and other items.

Manuscripts by Rimmer in the collection include That Girl from Boston (Challenge Press, 1962); The Rebellion of Yale Marratt (Challenge Press, 1964); The Harrad Experiment (Sherbourne, 1966); The Zolotov Affair (Sherbourne, 1967); Proposition Thirty-One (New American Library, 1968); You and I... Searching for Tomorrow: The Second Book of Letters to Robert Rimmer, Plus: Marriage 2000, a Participation (New American Library, 1971); Thursday, My Love (New American Library, 1972); The Immoral Reverend (Prometheus Books, 1985); X-Rated Video Tape Guide (Crown, 1984, 2nd edition, 1986); The Resurrection of Anne Hutchinson (Prometheus Books, 1987); Raw Talent: The Adult Film Industry as Seen by Its Most Popular Male Star, "by Jerry Butler, as told to Robert H. Rimmer and Catherine Tavel" (Prometheus Books, 1989); and Whips and Kisses: Parting the Leather Curtain, "by Mistress Jacqueline as told to Robert H. Rimmer and Catherine Tavel" (Prometheus Books, 1991), as well as short stories, articles, and notebooks regarding reviews of adult videos.

Correspondence in the collection is primarily professional, with letters to and from various publishers, editors, and others. These letters date from 1959 to 1972, and some letters are grouped around specific books. Correspondence regarding The Rebellion of Yale Marratt chronicles Rimmer's writing of the book and his attempts to get it published (1959-1964); other letters concern That Girl From Boston, The Harrod Experiment, and Proposition Thirty-One (1966-1969).

Correspondence from readers dates from the 1960s and 1970s, and was primarily written in response to Rimmer's ideas regarding marriage, love, and sex. Several letters were written regarding The Harrad Experiment (1967-1969).

Research material in the collection consists of several items gathered as part of Rimmer's research for the X-Rated Video Tape Guide .

Printed material in the collection consists of reviews and articles about Rimmer's work, as well as published versions of Rimmer's writing in various publications.

Other items in the collection include royalty statements, bank statements, contracts, bills, invoices for book orders, and release forms.
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