Roos, William (1911-1987) and Audrey Kelly [Kelly Roos] (1912-1982)
The William and Audrey Roos Collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, legal material, and financial material.  

Manuscripts consist of drafts of novels, children's literature, screenplays, teleplays, TV sketches, plays, and musicals, largely written by William and Audrey under the joint pseudonym Kelley Roos. Novel drafts include Cry in the Night (1966), A Few Days in Madrid (1965), Who Saw Maggie Brown? (1967), To Save His Life (1968), One False Move (1966), Suddenly One Night (1970), What Did Hattie See? (1969), Bad Trip (1971), Murder on Martha’s Vineyard (1981), The Incredible Cat Caper (1985), and Grave Danger (1965), as well as the children's book The Mystery Next Door (1972). Screenplays include Necessary Evil (1969), A Few Days in Madrid (1966), and Scent of Mystery (1960). Collected teleplays include "Tangled Web" (1955) for the television program Goodyear Television Playhouse, "Puzzle for Fiends" (1950) for The Trap, and an adaptation of John Dickson Carr’s The Burning Court for the Dow Hour of Great Mysteries (1960), as well as television sketches about "Bobby Clark, Private Eye" for the Colgate Comedy Hour (1945-1950). Also collected are drafts of the plays Mrs. Mike (1972), Village Square (1972), Busman's Holiday (1960), A Man About the House (1959), and Speaking of Murder (1956-1959), as well as the musicals Little Red School House (1936), Courtin’ Time (1951), As the Girls Go (1948-1950), The Life of Reilly (1942), Watch the Birdie (1938), and Speaking of Murder (1956).

Correspondence dates from 1940-1984, and consists of personal letters from friends, family, and fans as well as professional correspondence with agents, publishers, and government agencies. Notable figures include Eugene Burr, Jack Cardiff, Mildred Darrow, John Elliott, William Fadiman, Elaine Greene, John Hersey, Lindsey Howard, Mary Howard, Herb Jaffe, Vance Packard, Frances Pindyck, Roberta Pryor, Jackie Robinson, Robert Saudek, Mike Todd, and Jerome Weidman.

Printed material consists of book jackets and copies of 1948-1954 American Magazine pieces written by William and Audrey, as well as clippings of newspaper and magazine reviews of the couple’s literary and film projects dating from 1941-1969.

Legal material includes contracts for literary, radio, and film projects dating from 1966-1984.

Financial material consists of William and Audrey’s 1941-1960 income tax returns, as well as royalty statements from 1965-1984.
Notable Figures
1. Roos, William, 1911-1987
2. Roos, Audrey, 1912-1982
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