Roskolenko, Harry (1907-1980)
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The Harry Roskolenko Collection consists of manuscripts, printed material, correspondence, photographs, memorabilia, diaries and journals, legal material, professional material, research material, financial material, audio material, and film and video.

Manuscripts include drafts of Roskolenko's memoir Poet on a Scooter (1958); the novels When I Was Last on Cherry Street (1965), Black is a Man (1954), Lan-Lan (1968), White Man Go (1962), Great Battles and Great Generals (1974), Sensuous Eating (1973), Solo (1973), The Time That Was Then (1970), The Terrorized: 1945-1950 (1968), Life and Death on Sixth Avenue (1965-1983), When The Bottle's Bloody Empty, Pet (1940s-1979s), The French Riviera After Dark (1969), and Sex Games (1970); as well as drafts of the plays Journey of the Five (1949) and The Automat (1978); short stories such as "The Life and Death of a Building" (1976) and "Return to New Guinea 25 Years After the End of the Second World War" (1969); and drafts of Roskolenko's book reviews and poetry, including poems written to his wife, Diane.

Printed material consists of newspaper clippings and book reviews on Roskolenko's Poet on a Scooter (1958), When I Was Last on Cherry Street (1965), The Terrorized (1965), and The Time That Was Then (1971); copies of articles and essays; as well as copies of his  poetry and book reviews, dating from 1928-1977.

Correspondence dates from 1933-1980, and consists of both personal letters from Roskolenko's friends and family -- such as letters regarding Roskolenko's divorce -- as well as professional correspondence to publishers and publications about Roskolenko's poetry. Notable figures include Charles Angoff, Arnold Beichman, Anne Bassett, Daniel Bell, James Boatwright, Peter Coleman, Midge Decter, Maurice Dolbier, Lily Edelman, Hubert Humphrey, Norman MacLeod, Frank MacShane, Herbert Mitgang, Norman Podhoretz, Eleanor Roosevelt, Stephen Rosen, Carl Sandburg, Harvey Shapiro, Rex Stout, Henry Treece, and Thomas Wheeler. 

Photographs include black and white photos used in Poet on a Scooter (1958) and When I Was Last on Cherry Street (1965), as well as photographs from Roskolenko's trips to Australia, Japan, Uganda, India, Ceylon, Iran, Pakistan, Yugoslavia, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Fiji from the 1930s-1960s.

Memorabilia in the collection consists of maps used in Roskolenko's journeys for Poet on a Scooter (1958), military documents from Roskolenko's life, stamps collected from 1969-1970, genealogy information dating from 1926-1949, and pennants from New Guinea and Australia.

Diaries and journals include several diaries used by Roskolenko to write Poet on a Scooter (1958), poetry journals dating from 1940-1977, and a 1952 scrapbook on Roskolenko's travels.

Legal material consists of agreements and applications from 1977-1980 regarding Roskolenko's literary career, 1950s passports, and Roskolenko's last will and testament from 1977.

Professional material in the collection consists of business cards, address books, press agreements from the 1940s-1970s, and daybooks from 1978 and 1979.

Research material consists of notes and background material used by Roskolenko for White Man Go (1962) and Lan-Lan (1968).

Financial material includes bank statements and loan repayment information from 1969, income tax statements from 1963-1970, and Medicaid statements from 1978-1980.

Audio material includes cassette tapes about Roskolenko's book Sensuous Eating (1973), and various audio reels from the 1950s-1970s.

Film and video material consists of film reels about Africa.

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