Ross, W. E. Dan (1912-1995)
The W. E. Dan Ross collection primarily consists of manuscripts for books, stories, and articles, much of it written under various pseudonyms. The collection also includes several items of correspondence.

Manuscripts for books by Ross in the collection are extensive. Titles published under Ross’s full name (W. E. Dan Ross) include The Twilight Web (Arcadia House, 1968); Behind Locked Shutters (Arcadia House, 1968, published under name Dan Ross, Manor, 1975); Dark of the Moon (Arcadia House, 1968); Let Your Heart Answer (Bouregy, 1968); Christopher's Mansion (Bouregy, 1969); The Need to Love (Avalon, 1969); Sable in the Rain (Lenox Hill, 1970); An Act of Love (Bouregy, 1970); The Whispering Gallery (Lenox Hill, 1970, published under name Dan Ross, Manor, 1977); Beauty Doctor's Nurse (Lenox Hill, 1970); The Room Without a Key (Lenox Hill, 1971); Rothhaven (Avalon, 1972); The House on Mount Vernon Street (Lenox Hill, 1972); Dark Mansion (Avalon, 1973); Mansion on the Moors (Dell, 1974); Nightmare Abbey (Berkeley, 1975); One Louisburg Square (Belmont-Tower, 1975); Dark Is My Shadow (Manor, 1976); Summer's End (Fawcett World, 1976); and A Nurse's Choice (Curley Pub. (South Yarmouth, MA), 1991).

Manuscripts for books published as “Dan Ross” include Nurse in Love (Avalon, 1972) as well as those works mentioned above.

Manuscripts for books published as “Rose Dana” include Labrador Nurse (Arcadia House, 1968); Television Nurse (ca.1968); and Department Store Nurse (Lenox Hill, 1970).

Manuscripts for books published as “Ann Gilmer” (all published by Bouregy) include Winds of Change (1965); Private Nurse (1969); and Nurse on Emergency (1970).

Manuscripts for books published as “Dan Roberts” include Outlaw's Gold (Arcadia House, 1965); Vengeance Rider (Arcadia House, 1966); Wyoming Range War (Arcadia House, 1967); Yuma Brand (Arcadia House, 1967); Sheriff of Mad River (Leisure Press, 1980); Wyoming Showdown (J. Curley, 1989); and Incident at Haddon City (J. Curley, 1989).

Manuscripts for books published as “Clarissa Ross” include The Corridors of Fear (ca.1971); Whispers in the Night (Bantam, 1972); The Ghosts of Grantmeer (1972); China Shadow (Avon, 1974); A Hearse for Dark Harbor (Avon, 1974); Evil of Dark Harbor (Avon, 1975); and Durrell Towers (Pyramid, 1976).

Manuscripts for books published as “Dana Ross” include This Shrouded Night (Paperback Library, 1975).

Manuscripts for books in the Dark Shadows series, published as “Marilyn Ross” (all by Paperback Library) include Dark Shadows (1966); Victoria Wingers (1967); Strangers at Collins House (1967); The Secret of Barnabas Collins (1969); The Demon of Barnabas Collins (1969); The Foe of Barnabas Collins (1969); The Phantom and Barnabas Collins (1969); Barnabas Collins Versus the Warlock (1969); The Peril of Barnabas Collins (1969); Barnabas Collins and the Mysterious Ghost (1970); Barnabas Collins and Quentin's Demon ; Barnabas Collins and the Gypsy Witch (1970); Barnabas, Quentin, and the Mummy's Curse (1970); Barnabas, Quentin, and the Avenging Ghost (1970); Barnabas, Quentin, and the Nightmare Assassin (1970); Barnabas, Quentin, and the Crystal Coffin (1970); Barnabas, Quentin, and the Witch's Curse (1970); Barnabas, Quentin, and the Haunted Cave (1970); Barnabas, Quentin, and the Frightened Bride (1970); Barnabas, Quentin, and the Scorpio Curse (1970); Barnabas, Quentin, and the Serpent (1970); Barnabas, Quentin, and the Magic Potion (1971); Barnabas, Quentin, and the Body Snatchers (1971); and House of Dark Shadows .

Other titles published as “Marilyn Ross” include The Locked Corridor (Paperback Library, 1965); Fog Island (Popular Library, 1965); Shadow over Denby (Popular Library, 1976); and Temple of Darkness (Ballantine, 1976).

Manuscripts for books published as “Jane Rossiter” include Love Is Forever (Avalon, 1963); and Summer Star (Avalon, 1964).

Manuscripts for books published as “Tex Steel” include Vengeance Spur (Curly Press, 1989).

Manuscripts for books published as “Rose Williams” include Nurse in Spain (R. Hale, 1967); Nurse in Nassau (Arcadia House, 1967); and Airport Nurse (Arcadia House, 1968).

The collection also includes several manuscripts with unclear publication status. These titles include Where is Jim Durrell?; Assignment: Danger; A Gothic Romance; New Faces for Old; Fury Castle; Renegade’s Trail; New Sheriff for Link City; Operating Room Nurse; Hidden Room at Collins House (Dark Shadows series); Satan’s Rock; Bleak Acres; Mervyn Castle; Action in Durez City; That Time Before; Evil in the House; Rendezvous With Love; Rainbow of Love (published as Teacher Goes Abroad); The Lady is a Corpse; Nurse Rita’s Romance; Second love for Nurse Shirley; Lawman’s Brand; Tonto Basin Law Man; Phantom Manor; Cabaret Nurse; Secretary in Doubt; Black Riders; Nurses’ Reunion; Beth Comes Home; The Black Patch; Arctic Hospital; Walking Dead of Collinwood; Murder at City Hall; A Bridge for Judith; Nurse on Call; Girl in Love; The Secret of Graytowers; Texas Rebellion; Behind Hospital Walls; Nurse Paula; Network; The Cliffs of Death; Surgeon’s Nurse aka Surgical Nurse; Face in the Pond; Resort Nurse; A Love to Cherish; Cruise Ship Nurse; A Shadow on Capricorn; Psychiatric Nurse; The Aquarius Curse; A Nurse’s Love Story; Nurse in Crisis; The Yesteryear Phantom; Hospital Corridors; Reunion in Renfrew; Face in the Fog; Haunting of Fog Island; The Phantom of Belle Acres; The Pride of Nurse Edna; Celebrity Nurse; Dark Harbor Haunting; Demon of the Darkness; Midhaven; Phantom of Dark Harbor; The Windows of Westwood; The Chinese Shadow ; and Citadel of Romance .

Correspondence in this collection consists of over one hundred letters sent to Ross. Professional correspondence includes letters from Paperback Library, Pocket Books, the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, other arts organizations and publishing companies, and various magazines, including This Week, Redbook, Variety, and Writers Digest. Personal correspondence includes letters from various friends and admirers.

Notable correspondents include Michael Avallone, W. S. Campbell, Walter Pidgeon, and Kurt Singer.

Printed material in the collection includes magazines containing stories and articles by Ross, as well as tearsheets from magazines in which Ross’ stories appeared. The collection also contains publications with pieces written about Dan Ross. Titles of magazines, journals, and newspapers include The Link, The Saint, The Companion, Highway Patrolman, Daily News, Weekend, Mystery Digest, Canadian Messenger, Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, Tidens Kvinder, Revue, The Roundup, The Writer, Variety, Hospital Romances, and The Atlantic Advocate, as well as newspapers like the Boston Globe and the Globe Magazine, and The New York Times .
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