Rossiter, John [Johnathan Ross] (1916-2005)
The John Rossiter collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, research material, legal and financial material, photographs, and audio material.

Manuscripts in the collection include works published under the name John Rossiter and under the pseudonym "John Ross."  Most manuscripts include author’s notes and early drafts.  Novels by John Rossiter include titles in the "Roger Tallis: British Agent" series, The Murder Makers (1970), The Deadly Green (1970), A Rope for General Diets (1972), and The Golden Virgin (1975).  Also included are standalone novels The Victims (1971), The Manipulators (1973), The Villains (1974), Eaten By Wolves (1974), The Man Who Came Back (1978), and Dark Flight (1981).   There are also several undated manuscripts titled A Rope for Gottfried Diez, Murder My Beloved, Murder! Murder! Burning Bright, Murder Be Hanged, This Too Sullied Flesh, and None the Worse for a Hanging.

Novels by John Ross include Diminished By Death (1968), Dead At First Hand (1969), The Deadest Thing You Ever Saw (1969), Here Lies Nancy Frail (1972), The Burning of Billy Toober (1974), I Know What It’s Like To Die (1976), A Rattling of Old Bones (1979), Dark Blue and Dangerous (1981), Death's Head (1983), Dead Eye (1984), Dropped Dead (1984), Burial Deferred (1985), Fate Accomplished (1987), Sudden Departures (1988), A Time for Dying (1989), and Daphne Dead and Done For (1990).  

Also included is a short story, "Yes Sir, No Sir," (1978) which was included in the collection "John Creasey’s Crime Collection;" two unpublished novels titled The Do-Anything Man (1971) and Go Like A Gladiator (1981); and plotting notes for two novels titled Deirdre and Second Chance.

Correspondence in the collection dates from 1964 to 1989 and is both personal and professional.  There is correspondence between Rossiter and agents and publishers, as well as a large collection of correspondence regarding the Crime Writer's Association, dated from 1977 to 1988.

Printed material includes newspaper clippings, articles, biographical information, and book jackets for several novels.  There is also a large collection of publisher's catalogs for Constable dated from 1982 to 1991, as well as a collection of "Red Herrings," the bulletin of the Crime Writer's Association, dated from 1988 to 1992.

Research material includes research regarding the novels The Man Who Came Back (1978), Death's Head (1982), Dead Eye (1983), Burial Deferred (1985), Fate Accomplished (1987), Sudden Departures (1988), A Time for Dying (1989), and undated research for Daphne Dead.

Legal and financial material includes financial statements from various publishing houses dated from 1969 to 1989; contract agreements and statements regarding a car loan dated from 1962 to 1968; receipts dated from 1976 to 1996; notes from Lloyd's Bank Limited, including income tax returns dated from 1962 to 1964; and pension, income, and general finance notes dated 1972.

Photographs include research photographs regarding landscapes, houses, and furniture.

Audio material includes a set of cassettes related to The Burning of Billy Toober (1974).

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