Roth, Henry (1906-1995)
The Henry Roth collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, professional material, and other items.

The manuscript by Roth in the collection consists of his three-act play (in Yiddish) Sin of Divorce . Manuscripts by others include drafts of articles about Roth written by Harold Ribalow, published in Saturday Review and Congress Bi-Weekly .
Correspondence in the collection includes both personal and professional letters. Personal letters include: letters from Roth’s grandchildren; letters to and from Herman Roth (Henry Roth’s father), 1960’s-1971; and several letters from Roth’s wife Muriel. Professional correspondence consists of letters from J. W. Patterson at the New York News (1939), Elizabeth Ames at the Yaddo writer center (1959), and Norman Podhoretz at Commentary (1960).

Printed material includes five magazines containing short works by Roth, published between 1939 and 1959; magazine titles include Commentary, The New Yorker, and The Magazine of Ducks and Geese . Other printed items consist of published reviews of Roth’s writings, dated 1935-1961 and taken from Jewish Heritage, Congress Bi-Weekly, New Statesman, and other publications.

Professional material in the collection includes Roth’s employment records (1931-1945), his college transcript (1924-1928), records of teaching in New York City and Maine, and a ledger book of business records regarding the Waterfowl Company of Augusta, Maine (1959-1960).

Other items in the collection includes photographs of Roth and members of his family (1920-1970); Roth’s Social Security card; Roth’s Selective Service records (1940-1944); telephone notebooks; and other documents.
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