Rubin, Michael (1935-1989)
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The Michael Rubin collection consists of manuscripts, printed material, memorabilia, correspondence, and legal and financial material.

Manuscripts include novels, plays, and short stories.  Novels include Whistle Me Home (1967) and Those Who Enter Here (1968).  Plays include Arnold Gross and Dr. Freud (1954) and Better Than Ever! (1963), as well as undated plays titled The Cliché, Esther’s Toes, Oblomov, Sawdust and White Tile, and What To Do With Esther.  There is also a large collection of short stories, including an anthology submitted to the Literature Division of Bard College as a senior project in 1956, as well as numerous other undated stories.

Printed material includes articles and reviews related to novels and other published materials.

Professional memorabilia includes newspaper advertisements for novels, Bard College alumni magazines, announcements for lectures, and a cartoon.

Correspondence is personal and professional and dates from 1954 to 1969.  Notables include Reuben Abel, the Carnegie Institute of Technology, Seymour Epstein, Ralph Freedman, Eliot Fremont Smith, Harry Golden, Hiram Haydn, Emilie Jacobson, Robert Lescher, John Crowe Ransom, Ron Silverman, and Alan D. Williams.  There is also a series of correspondence to family during Rubin’s Fulbright Year in Australia, dated 1956 to 1957.

Legal and financial material includes various family papers and certificates.

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