Russell, Alfred (1881-1978)
The Alfred Russell Collection consists of correspondence, manuscripts, printed material, financial material, legal material, diaries and journals, photographs, and memorabilia.

Correspondence dates from 1897-1978 and primarily consists of greeting cards and professional correspondence related to Russell's dental career and involvement in community and state affairs, as well as his involvement with the St. Mark Musical and Literary Union, Notable figures include Robert S. Abbott, A. Piatt Andrew, Edward W. Brooke, William M. Butler, George B. Churchill, James B. Conant, Channing H. Cox, James Michael Curley, Frederick W. Dallinger, Louis A. Frothingham, James A. Gallivan, Frederick H. Gillett, Dr. George F. Grant, Charles Jackson, William H. Jackson, Eugene Kinckle Jones, Albert P. Langtry, Henry Cabot Lodge, Robert Luce, Kelly Miller, John J. Mitchell, Calvin D. Paige, Michael F. Phelan, Ernest W. Roberts, W.S. Scarborough, Emmett J. Scott, Thomas C. Thacher, George Holden Tinkham, Allen T. Treadway, William Monroe Trotter, David I. Walsh, John W. Weeks, W.T.B. Williams, Samuel E. Winslow, and Carter G. Woodson.

Manuscripts consist of drafts of Russell's speeches and lectures such as "Abraham Lincoln" (1920), "The Care of the Teeth" (1923), "The Contagion of Mob Violence" (1917), "Frederick Douglass As a Leader" (1916), and incomplete manuscripts such as "The Church and Civic Life" (1914) and Russell's biography of his father-in-law Dr. George F. Grant. Transcripts of Russell's interviews with Adelaide Cromwell Hill (1972) and his daughter Inez Russell are included as well as drafts of Russell's Who's Who in Colored America (1927). Also included are drafts of writing by Russell's family members Frances O. Grant, George F. Grant, Frank Y. Russell, Inez Russell, Lillian Russell, and Maybelle Grant Russell, as well as Clement F. Isaacs and Joseph C. Manning.

Printed material in the collection includes news clippings from the Boston Guardian and the Boston Chronicle spanning 1916-1953; invitations to Boston events and publications from organizations such as the Massachusetts Dental Society, the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows, the St. Mark Musical and Literary Union, and the 1917 Massachusetts Constitutional Convention; certificates included are from the Massachusetts Board of Dental Examiners, the Forsyth Dental Infirmary for Children, and the Imperial Council of the Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine of North and South America. Lastly, copies of published speeches are included on subjects like World War I and the entry on George F. Grant from the History of the Harvard Dental School (1930).

Financial material includes both Russell's personal financial documents and the financial documents from his dental practice. Personal financial material range from 1908-1952 and include materials regarding taxes, loans, stocks, insurance, and savings. Professional financial materials are regarding the St. Mark Musical and Literary Union, the Citizen's Committee of the Second Separate Battalion of the Massachusetts National Guard, and the Eureka Lodge.

Legal material consists of the birth certificates for Russell and Frank Russell, an authorization for the collection of Russell's 1917 campaign money, documents related to Russell's property in Virginia, Russell's motor vehicle registrations and driver's licenses, and an 1855 deposition proclaiming that Russell's relatives Francis and Flora Meyers are married and legally free.  

Diaries and journals consist of Russell's 1905-1931 appointment books, a notebook with anatomical sketches, undated address books, notebooks from Russell's classes at Harvard Dental School, notebooks about 1948 finances, Masonry activities, and "Prophylaxis," as well as hundreds of miscellaneous notes.

Photographs primarily consist of black and white photos of Russell, age 15-60. Also included are photos of the 1912 Lotus Quartette singing group, the 6th Regiment Massachusetts Infantry and 351st Machine Gun Battalion, from events at Boston's Syria Temple, and of Russell's friends and family. Notable figures include J.H. Atwood, Lt. Herbert H. Guppy, Marjorie Groves, Inez Russell, Maybelle Grant Russell, Virginia M. Russell, Robert M. Taylor, William Monroe Trotter, and William Earl Washington.

Memorabilia consists of one white kid glove, a button reading "For Mayor Re-elect Nichols," a small "DMD" sign, a package of perfume starch, and two leather wallets.
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