Russell, Francis (1910-1989)

The Francis Russell collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, and research materials.

Manuscripts in the collection include A City in Terror: The 1919 Boston Police Strike (1975), The American Heritage History of the Making of the Nation (1968), and manuscripts of other unspecified novels.

Correspondence in the collection are professional letters regarding the articles “Goodbye to the Boston E,” “The Lindbergh Case,” and “Lindbergh and Hauptmann: The Persisting Enigma.”

Printed material in the collection includes articles related to Russell’s review of The Lindbergh Case by Jim Fisher (1987).

Research material in the collection includes research collected for Russell’s books on the Sacco-Vanzetti case, namely Sacco & Vanzetti: The Case Resolved (1986).

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1. Russell, Francis, 1910-1989
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