Russell, Mary Doria (1950- )
The Mary Doria Russell Collection consists of manuscripts, printed material, correspondence, electronic media, research material, audio material, professional material, notebooks, scrapbooks, artwork, photographs, and memorabilia.

Manuscripts consist of drafts of Russell's novels, such as The Sparrow (1996), Children of God (1997), Dreamers of the Day (2005), and A Thread of Grace (2005); drafts of her dissertation and her master's thesis; drafts of the screenplay adaptations of Children of God (2006) by Raymond Torres-Santos, The Sparrow (2005) by Gary Charles Wilkens, The Sparrow (1998) by Jason Rothenberg (1998), and The Sparrow (2000) by Russell and Karen Hall; as well as files with short manuscripts about paleoanthropology written by Russell.

Printed material includes proofs, reviews, and publicity for Russell's novels Children of God (1998), The Sparrow (1996), and A Thread of Grace (2005). Also included are copies of articles written by Russell, book jackets and cover designs for The Sparrow (1996), and copies of anthropology articles by Martha Mirazon Lahr, Richard V.S. Wright, and David Ehrenstein.

Correspondence dates from 1979-2007 and consists of both professional letters about Russell's literary career and her stay at the Australia National University in Canberra, as well as personal correspondence such as fan letters and greeting cards. Notable figures include Karen Hall.

Electronic media consists of an extensive collection of floppy disks, dating from 1993-2003, containing documents relating to Russell's writing, in particular the novels The Sparrow (1996), A Thread of Grace (2005), and Children of God (1998).

Research materials consist of Russell's subject files of notes for her books A Thread of Grace (2005), The Sparrow (1996), and Children of God (1998), as well as subject files on topics such as fossil data, osteology, Australian Aborigines, and paleoanthropology.

Audio materials consist of cassette tapes of interviews with Russell, including "A Conversation with Olivia Geiss" (1996).

Professional material consists of a press kit for A Thread of Grace (2005) by Lisa Greig from the Borders Group, as well as a 1982 proposal by Russell for the National Science Foundation.

Notebooks and scrapbooks include a "Browridge/Tooth Eruption Test" notebook with data sheets, sketches, and notes, as well as a 1996-1998 scrapbook with clippings, reviews, and accolades for Russell's work.

Artwork consists of a pen drawing of Russell and her husband and a drawing of a skull with a rectangle around the browridge, signed "To Mary with Love, Nurse Alley Oop, R.N." with a lipstick kiss mark.

Photographs include publicity photos for Children of God (1998) and The Sparrow (1996), as well as photographs regarding anthropology.

Memorabilia consists of a "One Book, One Erie, 2006" pin.

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