St. John, Robert (1902-2003)
The Robert St. John collection includes manuscripts, printed materials, correspondence, research material, audio materials, personal memorabilia, professional materials, notebook, and legal and financial material.

Manuscripts include drafts for novels by St. John such as The Man Behind the Microphone; Roll Jordan Roll (1965); Jews, Justices and Judaism (1969); Once Around Lightly (1969); South America More or Less (1970); The Jewish Contribution to America (1970); Eban (1972); and The Boss (1960). Manuscripts also include radio broadcast scripts from 1962 to 1968 from the U.S., London, Paris, Geneva, and South America; as well as lecture notes.

Printed materials include newspaper article regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Vietnam War, Yom Kippur War, non-Jewish Zionists, and more; articles by St. John, such as “Social Justice: The Jewish Contribution to America,” and “Speeches of the Year;” maps of Palestine; as well as various articles by writers such as Terry Horwitz, Carlis Lamont, and Margaret Oliphant, among others.  

Collected correspondence dates from approximately 1964 to 1986, and primarily regards novels by St. John. Notables include a subject file entitled “FBI Correspondence,” Anne Buchwald, Stuart Chase, Thomas Cowell, Simcha Dinitz, Francis Galbraith, Joseph Leib, Yitzhak Rabin, and Abel Wolfman.

Research materials regard The Man Behind the Microphone, organized by chapter; the Arab-Israeli War, which includes newspaper articles, press releases by Communist Party of Israel-Central Committee, and more; Abba Eban, including interviews, newspaper clippings, and speeches by Eban; The Boss; David Ben Gurion; and more.

Audio materials include cassette tapes including interviews and phone conversations with Abba Eban, speeches by St. John, and more; as well as reel-to-reels including a speech by David Ben Gurion, various interviews, radio broadcasts, and more.

Personal memorabilia includes a brown paper map of Palestine cut up with scissors by St. John during his several hundred lectures on the Middle East, WCAB’s gold Record Award to St. John (1971), his Degree of Doctor of Philosophy from Edmond Waters College Honorary (1973), a ticket to The Presedential Inaugural Gala (1993), Beth Shalom Men’s Club Humanitarian Award Technion Israel Insitute of Technology (1976), and more.

Other items include professional materials, including lectures and notes by St. John from 1963 to 1989; notebooks regarding topics such as Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Spain, and St. John’s trip to Iran and Israel (1968); black and white and color photographs of St. John, his wife, and others; as well as some financial and legal material.
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1. St. John, Robert, 1902-2003
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