Samuels, Gertrude (1910-2003)
The Gertrude Smith collection includes manuscripts, printed material, research material, photographs, correspondence, professional material, and legal material.

Manuscripts include drafts of books, plays, and articles by Samuels. Books include Ben-Gurion: Fighter of Goliaths (1961); The People vs. Baby (1961); The Secret of Gonen (1969); and Run, Shelley, Run (1974). Plays include "The Corruptors" (1969); "Judas the Maccabee and Me" (1970); "The Assignment" (1974); "Of Time and Thomas Wolfe" (1980); and more. Articles include "4 Day Work Week;" "The Anatomy of the Squatters Movement;" "Mental Health;" and "Wanted: Nazis Still at Large;" among others. Manuscripts also include teleplays and radio plays of the aforementioned published works, as well as Samuels’s master thesis "The Librarian" (1983).

Printed material includes magazines and journals such as The New York Times; American Judaism; The Best Short Plays (1969); The Dramatic Guide Quarterly (1975); and many more.

Research material is arranged by subject files titled by Samuels. Notable subjects include drug and alcohol addiction, the American Revolution and women, articles and interviews by David Ben Gurion, juvenile delinquency, the Holocaust, Israel, politics, and economics.

Photographs are comprised of those taken by Samuels for her various works, especially Ben-Gurion and The Secret of Gonen. Additional photos regard school openings, children in poverty in Europe, Korea, and Calivita, Israel, Holocaust memorials, Auschwitz, and more.  

Correspondence is arranged by subject and dates from approximately 1941 to 1989. Notable subjects include Adam’s Daughter (1977); Run, Shelley, Run; The People vs. Baby; The Secret of Gonen; "The Assignment;" "The Corruptors;" children of Israel and Palestine, Louis Marsh, World War II camps, retirement, and more.

Professional material is arranged by subjects titled by Samuels. Notable subjects include the world premiere of "The Assignment;" reviews of Baby; black women journalists; censorship; Albert Einstein; Robert Oppenheimer; Adolf Hitler; the Thomas Wolfe Society; and more.  

Legal material regards Adam’s Daughter; Run, Shelley, Run; Of David and Eva (1978); and Yours, Brett (1988).
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