Saroyan, Aram (1943- )
The Aram Saroyan collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, and audio.
Manuscripts for books by Saroyan in the collection include 
The Street: An Autobiographical Novel(Bookstore Press, 1974); Genesis Angels: The Saga of Lew Welch and the Beat Generation (Morrow, 1979); Last Rites: The Death of William Saroyan (Morrow, 1982); William Saroyan (Harcourt, 1983);Carol, Oona and Gloria (Lincoln Press, 1985; includes research material and unpublished manuscript material on Oona Chaplin and Gloria Vanderbilt); The Romantic (McGraw, 1988); Rancho Mirage(Barricade Books, 1993; includes research material); Later in the Day, a sequel to Last Rites(1995); Day and Night: Bolinas Poems (Black Sparrow Press, 1998); Starting Out in the Sixties(Talisman House, 2001); The Still of the Night (an unpublished mystery novel); Mind is Shapely (a writer’s handbook); My Literary Life (a "faux literary memoir"); Artie Shaw (a proposal, background material, and drafts for an unrealized biography); and several unpublished and/or unpublished works.
Manuscripts for plays by Saroyan in the collection include 
At the Beach House (1995); Landslide(1996); Laws of Light, also called Pasternak and Mandelstam (1997); Hollywood Night (1997); andLife on the Kings Road (1997).
Manuscripts for screenplays by Saroyan include drafts of an adaptation of 
Last Rites, as well as a work titled London Bridge (1981).
Manuscripts of poetry by Saroyan include several items dating from 1960 to the 1980s, as well as a notebook and a collection titled 
Autumn ; the collection includes material for several books of unpublished poetry. Also present in the collection are drafts of many short stories by Saroyan, including several which have been published; as well as a variety of other unpublished works of all lengths, including Saroyan's notes and research on various subjects.
Manuscripts by other writers in the collection include works by Michael Brownstein, Cecelia Brainard, Ted Berigan, Annie Reiner, Sara Davidson, and David Kherdian. Some of these individuals wrote works that were edited by Saroyan; some of the books Saroyan worked on in a more collaborative capacity; and others were simply sent to him.
Correspondence in the collection is extensive, consisting of hundreds of personal and professional letters. The bulk of the letters are professional, including many regarding the publication status of various works by Saroyan; about seven hundred date from 1978 to 1983, and include Saroyan's dealings with William Morrow and Co., while about five hundred date from 1986 and include letters regarding the Great Books Foundation, Contemporary Authors, and American Armenian International. Also included are a series of alphabetical files, arranged by Saroyan; these items date from 1990 to 1990, and include letters regarding Saroyan's projects with publishers, colleges, writing workshops, television, various organizations like Amnesty International, American Friends of Armenia, Los Angeles Library Assoc., Writers Theater, and a variety of different publications. The collection has about one hundred fifty letters for each year. Notable correspondents include Karel Reisz, Jimmy Carter, Oliver Stone, Bill Clinton, author and ex-convict Edward Bunker, John Rechy, Cesar Chavez, Jay Cocks, John Lahr, Barbara Boxer, Edward Kennedy, Carl Reiner, Al Gore, and Henry Jaglom. A large section of correspondence pertains to Saroyan's yearlong presidencey of PEN Center West (1993-1994), the fourth largest branch of that international writers organization at that time. The correspondence is mainly from the Advisory Board appointed by Saroyan and includes letters from Noam Chomsky, Wallace Stegner, Gary Snyder, Barry Gifford, Herbert Gold, and Gore Vidal, among others. Other correspondence in the collection includes letters and a contact regarding the abandoned film adaptation of Saroyan's
Last Rites ; letters pertaining to Saroyan's book Rancho Mirage, including letters and documents from law officials, psychological experts, Barricade Books, and the television program Inside Edition; letters and legal papers regarding Saroyan's work as an agent and editor for others in the early 1990s; and about two hundred items of personal correspondence (1978-1999), including letters from Saroyan to Joan Didion, Paul Krassner, Andrea Claire Mims, Oliver Stone, and Steve Wasserman.
Printed material in the Saroyan collection include magazines in which contain writing by Saroyan or mentions of either him or his father, William Saroyan (1969-1982); titles include 
Newsweek, American Heritage, San Francisco, American Poetry Archive, Armenian Numismatic Journal, The Armenian Review, and It’s Only Money . Newspapers in the collection include Pacific Sun, California Living, North Country, Insight, Chicago Tribune Magazine, The Fresno Bee, My Life, The Village Voice, and The San Francisco Chronicle Review .
Other items in the collection include photographs regarding 
Rancho Mirage and journal pages kept by Saroyan, material which influenced some of his own books, specifically his autobiographical works and his semi-autobiographical novel.
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