Schechter, Ruth Lisa (1927-1989)
The Ruth Schechter collection contains correspondence, manuscripts, printed material, photographs, and recordings produced or collected by this poet.

Manuscripts in the collection include drafts and revisions of several poems as well as early drafts of her work "Poetry Therapy: A Therapeutic and Healing Force", memos, written notes, and collections of loose poetry.

Correspondence in the collection dates between 1983 and 1985. These include personal and professional letters sent to and from Schechter as well as letters sent to Jerry Schechter upon Ruth's death.

Printed materials include publicity material, personal issues of magazines and journals, as well as personal copies of several other books. Other materials include press clippings, an audio recording of Schechter reading at the Lamont Poetry Library (1969), 23 personal books by Schechter and others, some photographs, and 2 limited edition University of Connecticut broadside editions of poems by Schechter, "Blue Unicorn" and "Footwork"

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1. Schechter, Ruth Lisa
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