Schiddel, Edmund (1909-1982)
The Edmund Schiddel collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, and personal and professional materials. Included in the collection are drafts of his major novels, proofs and corrections, letters, cards, photographs, publicity material, and personal and financial documents.
The collection of Schiddel's manuscripts consist of several proofs and drafts from many of Schiddel's published novels. These include The Good and Bad Weather (1965); several of Schiddel's published articles and short stories from 1935 to 1952; substantial material regarding his book Good Time Coming, including a typescript outline with holograph notes and manuscript; drafts of The Swing (1974) and Bad Boy (1973) as well as several loose pages of poetry written by Schiddel. In addition, there are several handwritten pages regarding Schiddel written by Irving Beveridge Moore and Iris Barry. Also, the collection contains a translation into French of “The Other Side of the Night” by Schiddel himself and German editions of Schiddel's works Scandal's Child and Devil in Bucks County with extensive holograph corrections.

Correspondences in the collection range between personal and professional and detail exchanges between Schiddel and editors, agents, and friends.  Notable correspondents include Josrphine Herbst, Clifford Wright, Iris Barry, Donald MacKenzie, Gertrude Stein, Irving Beveridge Moore, Phillip Faherty, Robin Berry, Wyndam Lewis, Marsie Neil, Ben Webber, Frank Wilkinson, and Charles Byrne.

The collection of printed materials includes publicity material such as advertisements, flyers, and posters for The Good and Bad Weather, Devil in Bucks Country, Scandals Child, Good Time and Bad Boy, as well as printed reviews of Schiddel's work published in various literary journals and magazines. Also in the collection are various pamphlets and printouts regarding lectures and exhibitions Schiddel attended; the collection also contains a scrap book  (1977-1981) which includes photographs, theater programs and newspaper clippings.

Legal and financial material in the collection includes invoices, contracts, cancelled checks, money requests, various bills and receipts, and checkbook balances.

The collection of Schiddel's personal memorabilia consists of several photographs, portraits, slides and prints, musical scores, book catalogues, scrapbooks, research material, and audio recordings. The collection contains several grouped and labeled film rolls from 1940-1979, 18 black and white photos mostly of Schiddel, pictures of Schiddel's family, as well as photographs regarding the artwork of Iris Barry. Research material consists of several pages of holograph notes. Miscellaneous items include musical scores and a copy of Schiddel's death certificate.
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