Schisgall, Oscar (1901-1984)
The Oscar Schisgall collection consists mainly of manuscripts, correspondences, and numerous printed versions of short stories and articles written for various magazine and journals.

The collection of manuscripts contains several versions of various novels and novellas, non-fiction books,  plays, short stories, articles, and radio and television scripts. Novel and novella manuscripts include a draft of Formula for Love; an outline, synopsis, and notes for The Ghost of Washington; The Man Who Lived Twice; Minute Women; The Paper Marked X; The Reformer; Rivers into Wilderness; Sage in my Soul; A Time for Greatness; To Free a Nation; Tomorrow We March; and What's in it for Me? The collection also contains several drafts of non-fiction works written by Schisgall. In addition, the collection contains drafts of several plays written by Schisgall as well as a collection of short story manuscripts consisting of  both published and unpublished stories. There are drafts of published articles as well as several other unpublished articles along with articles written for Readers Digest and outlines for other articles. The collection also contains several radio and television scripts.

The correspondences in the collection are numerous and largely consist of letters concerning articles and pieces for various magazines. These include correspondence with Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine (1958-1978), American Weekly (1952-1959), Cosmopolitan, and Good Housekeeping (1957-1973), as well as numerous letters to and from Ernest Eller, Raymond Spruance, and DeWitt Wallace from Readers Digest among others.  There is also personal and business letters including letters to and from such notables as Ronald Berman, Louis Finkelstein, Jack Gould, Oscar Hammerstein II, Irving Ives, Howard Morgens, Wilbure Schramm, and Gene Shalit, Pauline Bloom, Robert Carson, Alfred Knopf, Grayson Kirk, Margaret Mead, James Pike and Dorothy Shaver just to name a few.

Research materials in the collection include several diplomatic letters including those of Edward R. Stettins, a copy of The Treaty Branch of the Division of Research and Publication (1946), Advice and Assistance on Treaties (1946), as well as 4 various government publications, and news clippings regarding sculptor Max Kalish.

The largest part of the collection consists of printed pieces written and collected by Schisgall. These include dozens of detective stories from 1927-1980 written for several different magazines. These include stories from All-Star Detective Stories, Best Detective Magazine (1933-1937), and Clues: A Magazine of Detective Stories, to name a few. The collection also contains several examples of western fiction, adventure Fiction, and non-fiction stories including In addition, the collection contains countless examples of other short fiction pieces written between 1925 and 1970 for various magazines and journals including Popular Love, Twenty Stories Magazine, London's Evening Standard, Good Housekeeping, Esquire and Liberty.
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